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    Taipei International Audio & Art Show 12/17 - 12/20

    Thank you for asking. I had a lot of fun listening to outrageously expensive speakers; chatting with various vendors, and seeing some old friends.
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    My thoughts on SW1X DAC II Special with USB

    That's a shame. However, I can certainly understand F's wanting to get his hands on his DAC. You really shouldn't tell me the DAC III Balanced + is that good. The seed that the III Balanced is yet another level better than my DAC III+ had already been planted in my imagination. Your telling me...
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    My thoughts on SW1X DAC II Special with USB

    If you are able to compare the two slightly different DACs (different transformers?) side-by-side, I'd be interested in your impressions. I've had my DAC III+ for about 3 months and love it. Even so, I can only wonder how the DAC III Balanced must sound.
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    Taipei International Audio & Art Show 12/17 - 12/20

    Hello. The Taipei International Audio & Art Show begins in just 10 days. I am in Taiwan now, and I will attend the show on Saturday, the 18th. I'm not a journalist, a v-blogger, or even a very good reporter of events such as this, but I'm happy to share photos and highlights of any rooms and...
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    SW1X DAC III Special Listening Test (Video)

    My upgraded DAC III STD is sitting in a warehouse in England getting ready to fly back to me. I hope to have it back in my system by Friday. I can only dream of the IV or V level, but I do hope to someday listen to a IV. Michael
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    Philip's Demo Playlists on Qobuz & Tidal. bad. I'm trying to open the TIDAL link. Thank you, though!
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    Philip's Demo Playlists on Qobuz & Tidal.

    For some reason, Philip's Demo IX will not open. I keep getting an "Oops!" message. Happily listening to Demo V right now. :)
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    My thoughts on SW1X DAC II Special with USB

    Thank you for the nice write up. I can appreciate how you described your reactions to listening to familiar songs with this new DAC. I've had Slawa's DAC III STD for about two years now, and love it. My model is in Slawa's hands right now because I chose to upgrade to DHT, better quality caps...
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    Philip's Demo Playlists on Qobuz & Tidal.

    Many thanks for providing such a wonderful collection of music, Philip.
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    SW1X DAC II Standard First Listen

    I've owned a SW1X DAC III Standard for nearly two years, and I concur with your assessment. My model is right now being upgraded to what Slawa referred to as DAC III +, I believe. I'd love to upgrade to the DAC IV, but my dear wife just doesn't appreciate Slawa's genius as much as I do. I look...
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    Chinese DAC shames a few heavy hitters

    My technical Chinese isn't the best, but I'm pretty certain the Jemmy Audio DAD1 DAC uses a single ES9018 chip. I'm willing to bet this is on the same or similar level as the Gustard x12 DAC. I need to read a bit more to be 100%.
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    Chinese DAC shames a few heavy hitters

    Hello, ACHiPo. I'm excitedly reading your updates. My X20U is set to be delivered (to Aldcoll) this Tuesday afternoon. I'm not sure if he is a member of this forum, but I will tell him about it. He's quite eager to try it in his system. I also bought a TWL Digital American HD PC from a fellow...

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