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  1. Uk Paul

    Kondo G70 / M7 Heritage / M77 owners

    Any comparative thoughts on the above Kondo pre's would be good to hear about, and more specifically how the original Kondo M77 (designed by Mr Kondo himself) compares to the newer versions such as the G70 and M7 Heritage, by Kondo's son. If anyone has first hand experience or long term...
  2. Uk Paul

    Hypostatic Speakers

    I have been aware of these for a few month's now, not heard them yet and uncertain if any have made it in to the UK but would travel to Eu to hear them as the design looks quite interesting, any of you heard these yet??
  3. Uk Paul

    Transfiguration Co

    I read this morning that the founder and owner of Transfiguration has passed away, and subsequently the company may no longer continue, which is terribly sad if true..
  4. Uk Paul

    Shindo giscours pre amplifier

    We are selling on behalf of a customer, a stunning pre in every way. 230v model, Western Electric Tubes, £10,000 GBP For info see below link, also a 'Vosne Romanee' available too..
  5. Uk Paul

    Resurection of a legend, the mythical Melco 3560.

    Ressurection of a legend, the mythical Melco 3560. It was suggested that I should share a recent set up of some friends vintage analog turntable from the late 70's, the likes of which had never been seen before, certainly here in the UK, but possibly anywhere. At this time, 1978-79, the big...
  6. Uk Paul

    EMT - JSD series Carts Very little mention of these in general, though when you do find some info the users are very enthusiatic about them being well balanced and quite neutral. Output is high for MC at about 1mv (Davey, maybe one to consider for you?), which puts...
  7. Uk Paul

    Nasotec Swing Headshell

    Any adopters here of this very unconventional but interesting headshell? Intrigue got the better of me (yet again) after discovering this by chance, so an order went in and on return from a...
  8. Uk Paul

    B&W 800 D3 - Impressive

    I have been fortunate enough to have spent a little bit of time with a friends relatively new (200hrs) 800 D3 this past week, and can only say I have had trouble sleeping, working out how I can get a pair into my system. They have proved to be a real revelation compared to my previous...
  9. Uk Paul

    Air Tight ATE 2

    I'm interested in this as a MM pre, as an option to partner a London Reference cart that I don't have either. I like the Air Tight ethos, and the build quality, and the arrangement, but have not heard one yet so any experienced users please chime in..! Rgds, Paul.
  10. Uk Paul

    AT ART 1000 ~ Any users yet?

    Just wondering if anyone here has managed to hear what the new top end AT is capable of? It's unusual for sure in it's design, not original but certainly interesting!

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