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    Siemens E83CC

    Hello , Siemens tubes have an etched code like this on their tubes ( tube vertical ) : xx xx xx and Valvo codes you must read so ( tube vertical ) : xxx xxx(x) Sorry , it exist no Siemens code list in the net . Kind regards ...
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    Tube preamp with old tubes......

    Hello , a few years ago , I build this tube preamp with old tubes from WW II . The RC5B is a so called "Napfroehre" ( I don´t know this name in english language ) and was used for radar ? applications . Data are here : The preamp has an input...
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    New member from Germany

    Hello Johan , no , at this time I had no amp with ECC83/12AX7 . I am a fan of tubes with high transconductance like this one : Kind regards , Alexander .
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    New member from Germany

    Hello Tom , I have no 12AX? Ei with gold pins . I have only old tubes from Germany and Europe like Valvo , TFK , Siemens , Lorenz and so on . I have no tubes from new stock and production in my collection . I had very good Tesla E83CC , which is a copy from TFK ECC803s with frame grids , the...
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    New member from Germany

    Hello Tom , thank you also for your welcome , but I am not a tube supplier , only a collector ( my wife says that I am a messie :) ) . It is real , that I don´t need all this tubes for further projects and I think , I will sell a few of them in the future . Kind regards , Alexander .
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    Tube Testers

    Hello , I have a Neuberger RPM 375 : A tube tester for DIY you can see here : ...........and here is a curve tracer for tubes : Kind regards , Alexander .
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    Telefunken vs EAT / 6922 / CJ ET5 pre

    Hello , here is a good history about the ECC88/E88CC/CCa family , sorry , but only in german language : Many of the pictures are from my tubes , which I send to my friend Jogi . Have you ever seen...
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    New member from Germany

    Thank you for your welcome . Yes , I have a lot of tubes , mostly of the long life ones , like E88CC ( 600 :D ) , ECC803s ( only a few left ) , F2a , EL156 and so on............ I collect them for many , many years and I love , to buy tubes . It is a piece of history and it is a piece of my...
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    New member from Germany

    Hello to all , I am 64 years old and I collect tubes and old tubed german studio equipment during the last 30 or 40 years . I used this old things to make life recordings together with a friend . In the last years my interest is more and more tube DIY . Not tubes itself ;) , but amplifiers...

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