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  1. rando

    Porsche Soundnacht Engine Concert

    Suspect this won't quite equal the F1 opera for musical content centered around motor noises. English language announcements vaguely depict interactive event as a high power engine concert with all the modern social media participation requisite to convincing marketing. Broadcasts in English...
  2. rando

    Post Construction Using Emoji

    Accidentally brought up this box with a keyboard shortcut I'm having a hard time recreating. ;) As you can plainly see this allows access to a much larger selection of graphical elements beyond 12 emoji available in the dropdown panel we normally access. Would you rather I forget how this...
  3. rando

    Guiding Ambitions Imposed On Source Material Collection

    Encountering a recently deceased gentleman's music collection had the unexpected effect of calling into question how many stratagems I personally had been employing against the mountain of source material out there. Some weeks now have passed in contemplation. Without stymying discussion by...
  4. rando

    Marc Philipp Gemballa 'Marsien' - Offroad Supercar

    Marc Philipp Gemballa unveiled today 'Marsien', an offroad ready supercar. Heads up to @carl13
  5. rando

    CD Ripper: Old, New, Blu, Or Mix Of Old And New

    Driving this question is noticing a year late Pioneer's release of BDR-S12J-X external Blu-ray Disc Writer. I'm seeing at least a few highly developed aftermarket options built around this. Importing from Asia is something I expect would be tedious at the moment. Typically the less time new...
  6. rando

    Notre Dame Christmas Concert Will Take Place Live Inside Cathedral On December 24

    To state the obvious this will not include the famous organ or an audience. Soloists will be Julie Fuchs, Gautier Capuçon, and Yves Castagnet on a 'portatif' organ brought in for the occasion. They will be joined by 20 singers from the Notre Dame choir being directed by Henri Chalet during a...
  7. rando

    First Concert Before Live Audience Fills Every Seat In Barcelona

    Live plants that is. 2,292 of them to be exact, listened to the UceLi Quartet perform Puccini's "Chrisantemi" at the Gran Teatre del Liceu on June 22. Following concert and live stream the plants donated by local businesses were delivered to front line healthcare workers with a...
  8. rando

    Physical Sale of Entire Melodiya Archive in Situ

    This sounds like building remediation after the contents were degraded to the point cabbage started growing. Would be very interesting to know what is contained within this archive of any audio worth. I'd take a record made out of a discarded X-ray or other interesting object in unplayable...
  9. rando

    Keyed up and ready to race

  10. rando

    Aston Martin Red Bull Racing's Zero Gravity Pit Stop

    PR stunt, not world record attempt.
  11. rando

    Music Forum Related Prospect

    I like this place and the level of discussion or I wouldn't bring up for official investigation idea of a new sub-forum The vast majority of my listening these days is music fitting within the classical genre. Imploring family/friends to "test" Qobuz has reintroduced a larger amount of...

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