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    Sablon power cords

    I have actually only heard the Prince not the King. I am sure others on this thread can make that comparison. My comment was around limitations with my set-up configuration.
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    Sablon power cords

    I plan on using a King to power distributor but unfortunately, I cannot use King on AIC-10 or Extreme (when i get it) because power distributor does not have enough room for that size of plug. As such, I will use the Prince for the Extreme and AIC-10. Like you, I prefer, HFC Pro on the DAVE but...
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    Sablon power cords

    I have now had the loaner Prince PC and ethernet cable in my system for a few days now - thanks for arranging Mark. I am using the Prince to power my headphone amp (Rivera AIC-10) which is connected to my DAVE. The Prince replaces HFC Ultimate Double Helix Sig PC. The ethernet cable replaces...
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    An Unexpected Champion : Intona Ultimate USB Cable

    In case someone is interested in buying a used Ultimate USB cable (0.5 M) for a good price, I have posted one for sale on this site.
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    High Fidelity Cables

    In case anyone is interested in a used Ultimate Double Helix Signature PC (1 Meter), HFC's latest model that sits at the top of their consumer range, I have posted one for sale on this site
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Well said! I totally agree. Romaz is an amazing contributor here and a great person!

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