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  1. Motoman

    MSB Discrete to Premier

    Since I use the Renderer v2, I can't opine on the GigaFoil when used with the ProISL. However, I can say that at least with the Renderer v2, there was an audible improvement for $500. The GigaFoil was recommended to me by the MSB National Sales Manager. Was it a "blow me away . . . did I come...
  2. Motoman

    Trying the ZR Acoustics Panels

    I did, but I'll never understand whether there is some scientific reason for it to work. But my point is vastly different. I don't care whether there is a sound scientific foundation for the ZR panels . . . I am satisfied that they work, regardless of why they work. I couldn't explain how one...
  3. Motoman

    Trying the ZR Acoustics Panels

    I have a small dedicated room, 11x11x11, with a 3x3 window on one of the side walls. I have no treatment now, but have been looking, and I am going to try the ZR panels. I wonder how many I will need . . . two big ones, four 24x24 . . .? The explanation of how they work strikes me as plain...
  4. Motoman

    MSB Discrete to Premier

    You don’t mention what you are using for the power supply for the Discrete. I went from the Analog with power base to the Discrete with the Premier Power Base. If you are using just one power supply for the Discrete, you will notice a significant difference by moving up to at least two power...
  5. Motoman

    Anyone try Isoacoustics Gaia’s and Townshend Seismic Podiums?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to spell it out I clear and plain language. I was thinking of using Townshend Podiums under my Pass Labs amp and really was wondering if I am going off the deep end. As far as resolving, I have Focal Diablo Utopia III's and a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars that...
  6. Motoman

    Anyone try Isoacoustics Gaia’s and Townshend Seismic Podiums?

    Can someone explain why isolating a big amp like the Pass Labs 250.8 has any effect on the sound? It just seems like it is illogical that it would do anything to affect the sound. My Pass Labs is already on a rack coupled to the floor with spikes on each of the three levels. It is easier to...
  7. Motoman

    Speakers for Pass Labs Electronics ?

    I have a Pass Labs 250.8 with an MSB Discrete DAC and Premier Power Base directly into the Pass. I have a small room, 11x11x11, so I have monitors -- Focal Diablo Utopia III's (about 90db efficiency) and a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars (83db). Pass drives either as loud as I want to listen...
  8. Motoman


    Vince Galbo, National Sales Manager for MSB has been a huge believer in clean power for many years. He swears that running a separate twisted 6 gauge ROMEX (if the run from the main panel is over 50ft, 8 gauge if less) to a dedicated four outlet panel will be one of the biggest improvements you...
  9. Motoman

    Full range speakers or not and how loud

    Rarely do I crank it up past 90db, which is usually classic rock. The problem is that so many classic rock recordings sound like crap with a higher end system, and since I also have a ton of Led Zep bootlegs, well, let's just say that the louder a less than good album is played, the more it is...
  10. Motoman

    I bought Focal Stella Utopia Evo, but...

    that is literally an outrage. its not as if those are cheap speakers either. They are expensive, and from a well-known company with a good reputation. They should have immediately taken care of the situation. You need to talk to Focal's National Sales Manager. The squeaky wheel gets the...
  11. Motoman

    Full range speakers or not and how loud

    I typically listen in the 80-88db range
  12. Motoman

    How good is MSB Discrete Dac?

    I think that list for a second power supply is about $1,450. But you really need two. I had only one while I waited for the Premier Power Base that I had ordered. The Power Base is a lot of $$$ but the difference between one power supply and the Power Base is huge.
  13. Motoman

    MSB DAC Preamp Volume Levels

    I have an MSB Discrete with Premier Power Base. I listen to jazz and classic rock between 75-85, which is fine. However, it definitely must be turned up more for the same db as my old MSB Analog DAC. Don't know why, but I assume that it has something to do with impedance matching.

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