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    I found a Diamond in the mud, any similar Experience?

    So yesterday I went my regular second hand vinyl store and I got few of Audiophile pressing. Couple of early MFSL pressing, Billy Joel, The stranger :CBS Half Speed Mastered Master Sound, And WOW !! Ray Brown,John Clayton : Super Bass 1992. Capri Record . Limited Edition # 1045 , mint...
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    What is your favorite Gershwin : Rhapsody in blue ?

    Today I first time listened Andre Previn play piano, conducting London Shymphony. Gershwin Rhaposdy In Blue on Angel 45 rpm vinyl sound quality was the best I ever heard until today, my go No1,2 were Bernstein's on Columbia(Franklin Mint sealed copy),Fiedler version(RCA Living stereo) now I...
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    Any Allnic phono pre amp lover ?

    Hi I am new here but I was looker from since 2013. I own Allnic H3000 phono pre amp with JAN RCA NOS rectified tube. And I visited south korea met DR. Park. And listened new H7000 phono preamp and heard H8000 DHT Statement phono preamp also will come out soon. That was one of life time...
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    Hello from Montreal

    Hi All I am longtime looker from 2013 but never post or join this forum. Asian living north america both US and Canada since 1987. Born under music loving mother and uncle. On even pre- teen years already had lot of music listen and love for those gears. So after first 3 years of real work...

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