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  1. audio.bill

    Why Did Matthew Bond Leave Tara Labs?

    Just yesterday received a promotional email from Audiogon for Matthew Bond Audio cables, offering a 70% discount and said if you want an even bigger discount to contact them. Makes you wonder what's going on there... o_O
  2. audio.bill

    Wifi repeater/extender vs Powerline adapter

    I'm not aware of an access point with multiple Ethernet outputs but they may exist, otherwise adding a switch would be an option.
  3. audio.bill

    Wifi repeater/extender vs Powerline adapter

    Wifi repeaters/extenders can create some network issues, you'd be better off getting an access point like the one recommended by Upscale Audio for their streamers which require an ethernet connection like Lumins. From their site: Add quality Wi-Fi to any Lumin with this product from Amazon...
  4. audio.bill

    Dream Speakers DALI Epikore 11's Review !

    Looking forward to DALI filling out their Epikore range below the towering model 11 to replace their Epicon series.
  5. audio.bill

    Anyone heard the new Auralic Aries G3??

    The notice of its expected availability by mid-end of 2024 has been removed from their site and there was no related announcement made at their most recent exhibit at Munich. :(
  6. audio.bill

    Believe High Fidelity Munich High End Show Coverage

    Confirmed, it is indeed from APL.
  7. audio.bill

    Believe High Fidelity Munich High End Show Coverage

    Not 100% certain, but think it may be APL.
  8. audio.bill

    Master Fidelity NADAC DAC and Clock

    Think the price reference may have been for the DAC with separate clock as pictured.
  9. audio.bill

    Master Fidelity NADAC DAC and Clock

    Said in the video to be about four times as expensive as the Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC.
  10. audio.bill


    Thanks for the support of the entire WBF team, site responsiveness is currently better than ever!
  11. audio.bill

    Interesting Article About Research on Tinnitus

    Here's access to the article without requiring a subscription or Apple News:
  12. audio.bill

    Grimm MU1 vs Aurender N30SA vs Taiko Audio

    I interpreted it as rating the Aurender N30SA to be within 10-15% (or 85-90% as good as) Taiko Extreme, with the Grimm performing well behind and not even close to the N30SA.
  13. audio.bill

    Axpona 2024 who is going and why?

    Kuzma is listed as being in the Elite AV Distribution exhibit, room 312. They're the US distributor for Kuzma among other brands. Elite AV Distribution at AXPONA (Found them by using the option to 'Filter by Brands' on the AXPONA Exhibitors page.)
  14. audio.bill

    KLaudio's new 'Magnezar' turntable

    Not actually a review, more of a product overview. States that "a more comprehensive and in depth review of the Magnezar will be conducted in the near future by Michael Fremer."
  15. audio.bill

    HFA Reviews Antipodes Audio OLADRA G4 Music Server

    It's very likely that with the increased resolution and lower noise of the Oladra feeding them, DAC performance would need to be reevaluated. Please keep us informed of your progress. :D
  16. audio.bill

    HFA Reviews Antipodes Audio OLADRA G4 Music Server

    As you well know by now, there's no end to the madness in this hobby/obsession. There's always something better out there to be discovered which can reveal new nuances in the music we treasure. All the best to you!
  17. audio.bill

    HFA Reviews Antipodes Audio OLADRA G4 Music Server

    Huge congrats on your new Oladra @ricjor1, looks like you should update the system details in your signature accordingly. Enjoy the music!
  18. audio.bill

    Which Antipodes as Roon Core, streaming bridge and local server?

    A question which could impact the choice of an appropriate Antipodes, is how do you connect to the DAC section of your C52?
  19. audio.bill

    Anyone heard the new Auralic Aries G3??

    Not clear why some dealers are listing it as in stock since according to the AURALiC site "G3 products are expected to be available for shipping in mid-late 2024." Most recent update I heard as of a few weeks ago was that they're not even in production yet, with their G3 production facility in...
  20. audio.bill

    Denafrips Arce Streamer Review

    I'd suggest arranging an in home demo of the U2 before making that change. The Lumin U1X is still in their line as their top network transport, so while the U2 has their newer hardware design and chassis finish it's not necessarily an upgrade from your U1. I expect there will be a new top model...
  21. audio.bill

    Grimm MU1 vs Aurender N30SA vs Taiko Audio

    I also couldn't verify the source of that announcement, but was previously told by Aurender that when Roon certification was complete it would only require a firmware update on the supported models.
  22. audio.bill

    Grimm MU1 vs Aurender N30SA vs Taiko Audio

    You may find this announcement of interest: Aurender and Roon
  23. audio.bill

    Lumin U2 Mini

    Peter Lie (Lumin Firmware Lead) responded on another forum that HQPlayer / NAA is not supported and didn't mention any planned implementation.
  24. audio.bill

    Ideon Absolute E and Time Demo

    While it is commonly a requirement for a dealer to purchase and display specific models in order to properly feature the brand, that multiple product purchase requirement should not be passed on to the consumer. They should be buying both models for display as a dealer, but then should be able...
  25. audio.bill

    Clarisys Audio Auditorium Loudspeaker

    The brand Yankee made a ribbon speaker several decades ago, and I believe that's what was being referenced.
  26. audio.bill

    Hyper Sonic X4 Cartridge

    I see it listed at $18,000 in Stereophile's report from Capital Audiofest November 2022.
  27. audio.bill

    Two listeners

    Another less socially acceptable but more optimized for sound would be having two single seats one in front of the other right in the center of the speaker setup.
  28. audio.bill

    CD Transport vs Music Server

    Just an FYI, you can use PC software like DVD Audio Extractor to rip DVD-A discs to files, which could then be played back on your Aurender. The software offers a free 30 day trial. :cool:
  29. audio.bill

    XACT S1. The music server you've been waiting for

    I'm not aware of a US distributor, but it's currently shown on their website as available to order for 12,000 €.
  30. audio.bill

    Documented by several as a fraudulent dealer. Not actually a dealer for brands they list as represented, no response to email, etc. If a deal sounds too good to be true it usually is, buyer beware seems to apply here.

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