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    Nagra HD phono prototype

    Congrats John! I know it will be special, makes me want to get into TTs. Dave
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    Tinnitus Resulting from Covid or Vaccines

    Wim Hof is amazing, he got to 24,300ft on Everest in shorts and shoes and had to abort because of a foot injury. Him and Chuck Norris!!
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    Magico M7 2023

    It could be some camera phone trickery there. My wife notices some distortion toward the edges of her pics:eek:. Wonder what it would look like if the models were switched.I've seen the M6 in person, never seen the Q7
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    The point of diminishing returns for speakers is...?

    At least one or two pulled muscles.
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    Custom dedicated audio room owners unite!

    I'm currently planning a new build and starting to investigate listening rooms. I've read about issues with drywall, has anyone had success with a plaster listening room? Dave
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    Past great comedy movies

    Same here, my brother still says "good talk Russ" after any long conversation.
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    Past great comedy movies

    Vacation - I watched this countless times growing up, classic Chevy Chase. The Burbs - Great cast Trading Places - Love old Eddie Murphy movies Coming to America
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    The Noob Linearity factor

    Don't forgot about my Tripoint thread lol
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    The Noob Linearity factor

    I love my sound but I'd never say its what everyone should have, I recommend people listen to as many systems as possible and choose what fits their preferences and pocket book. I'm open to the fact that I may have been able to achieve similar sound at half the cost but had no exposure to...
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    The Noob Linearity factor

    Are they saying they have good sound or improved sound based on their purchases. If I upgrade my speakers to the Lyra, I will get better sound. I can say this because I like the way they sound and to me its an upgrade. How is this foolish if I spent my money and I'm happy? I would rather be...
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    The Noob Linearity factor

    I rarely engage in these threads, in the end, I can't back-up any justification for my purchases other than I liked the sound. I agree that experience and exposure can guide decisions but what's wrong with someone going bigger and better for the sound "they" like? What qualifies anyone here to...
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    Sound Of Freedom

    I met Tim a few years back after a speech he gave, he's a true hero, everyone should see this film. Dave
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    Tidal La Assoluta system

    Rudolf, I'm happy to see you post again, I've been busy lately with the kids and need to update my system. I haven't spoken with Miguel in a bit, it sounds like there is some new tech you're putting in, I can't wait to hear about it. Hope you're doing well! Dave
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    Rockport Orions with a subwoofer?

    Yes sir, a good friends equipment.
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    Rockport Orions with a subwoofer?

    Hi Cincy, I've listened to the Orions briefly and believe in a smaller room no subs would be needed and having moved from B&W to Rockport, the latter has much better bass to my ears. I have 2 giant JL subs and don't use them for stereo listening with my Aviors, preferred the bass without. I have...
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    Rhapsody.Audio Listening Rooms

    Awesome space
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    Worst Movie of All Time?

    I tried to bury the memory of Pluto Nash deep within but it still haunts me.
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    Small but mighty? Nagra, Aavik, others?

    I haven't listened to Naim or Aavik so I can't compare but obviously believe Nagra and Rockport work very well together. I briefly had the classic amp in my system waiting for the HD's, and enjoyed it very much. Hearing the HD amps changed my perspective a bit, more power & the effortless sound...
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    Worst Movie of All Time?

    It's been a long time and usually like Antonio but I couldn't get into it, I remember him learning a new language in 5-6 minutes. I never finished it. There are worse movies, I'll give you that.
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    Worst Movie of All Time?

    13th Warrior - a classic comedy
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    Worst Movie of All Time?

    I'm not a man animal!!! Great writing too, pure shit!
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    Worst Movie of All Time?

    Battlefield Earth, Cutthroat Island, Beverly Hills Cop III
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    Tripoint Grounding Boxes

    As Mike mentioned, whenever a cable comes off, there is a noticeable difference, reduced dynamics and clarity with a less engaging sound. I'm using the Elite and have not heard the NG but have no doubt it offers more. I use all Thor SE and one Emperor cable to my pre. IME, the cable used makes a...
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    Nagra HD Preamp audition - noob notes

    I remember hearing the HD pre for the first time, started with the Classic pre and heard some tunes, switched to the HD pre and heard the same tunes, that's when I knew it was significant!! No regrets Dave
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    What movies do you watch over and over again?

    Vacation Big Trouble in Little China - I can't explain why I watch this every time its on Shawshank Weird Science True Romance Braveheart Used Cars Groundhog Day Trading Places Beverly Hills Cop I & II
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    New Wadax Atlantis Reference Dac

    Rudolf, I hope you've been well and congrats on the new Dac. I just spoke with Miguel and heard his thoughts. Lets talk when you receive the goods! Happy New Year, Dave
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    Magico M9

    That looks so good!
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    Magico Titan 15

    Thanks Mike, I'll check out the link. Dave
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    Magico Titan 15

    Hi Mike, Did you look at any other subs? My 2 JL Gotham V1 have always been great for HT and Ive had a bit of experience with Velodyne and B&W subs but prefer the performance of the JL's. Both are currently not working, electronics need to be swapped out and upgraded to V2 for a substantial fee...

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