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    Lindsey Buckingham's New Self-Titled Album Lindsey Buckingham

    Lindsey had open heart surgery in February 2019 and his vocal cords were damaged from a breathing tube. It took him a year and a half to get his voice back so that along with his age may be what you are hearing. I love Lindsey's solo work so I just go along with his progressions.
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    RIP - Heartfelt thanks to Paul Chambers of Goodwin's High End!

    I only dealt with Paul once by way of phone.He was a great help In acquiring a custom length speaker cable that was essential for my system. Really sad to hear this news. R.I.P. Paul
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    Trans Fi Salvation rim drive tt and Terminator air-bearing linear tracking arm

    You convinced me. I'm ordering the new version of the arm.
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    Trans Fi Salvation rim drive tt and Terminator air-bearing linear tracking arm

    Hi I have been a long time reader of information here with very little posting. I have owned the Terminator since 2011 and I have nothing but high praise for it. I learned of the carbon fiber armband upgrade from you. I have the carbon fiber armwand and love the changes it has made...
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    Trans Fi Salvation rim drive tt and Terminator air-bearing linear tracking arm

    I own Vic's original designed Terminator arm. Is Andrey's design supposed to be better sounding? Thanks Tom
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    Building a dedicated audio room from ground up

    I built a room from the ground up and basically used the same approach as Acoustic Fields but I used Quest Acoustical Interiors. All my sound treatments are behind acoustical fabric. I am very pleased with the results. They use independent dealers to do their sound measuring and then they do...
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    Acoustician in NE (Philadelphia area)

    I have a fantastic guy who designed my room and he is local. His company is Synergy Audio and Video in Coatesville PA. The website is At the bottom of the page there is a link that says 2 channel stereo,click on that and you will see my room. I would highly recommend...
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    Spectral owner new to the forum

    I also recommend Terry Menacer at Overture Audio. I've been buying Spectral equipment from him for years. I have a DMC-30SS Series 2 for sale if you are interested. Email for pictures and price. Regards Tom
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    Chinese DAC shames a few heavy hitters

    I have a friend who taught me that source equipment is not always in correct phase so whenever I put a new piece in the system I test it with a polarity checker. When I tested it, I was getting same results as you - no change. I decided to turn it off and on and voila, it worked.
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    Chinese DAC shames a few heavy hitters

    The phase invert switch does work but you need to turn it off and back on after you switch. Tom
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    Wait pays off - Hit the Spectral jackpot

    edorr - I have been using the exact same combination for a number of years now and never felt the need to look elsewhere. The path I will take is to eventually get the 400's. One inexpensive tweak you might want to try is Audiophile fuses. I'm running Hi-Fi Supreme in amps, preamps and MM3's.
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    New Spectral/MIT cables

    Hello I currently have Spectral 360 Series Ii amps and 30SS 2 with MIT AC-2 power cords into dedicated 20 amp lines. In your opinion, do you think the Shunyata Cobra cords would be better? Thanks

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