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  1. DaveC

    My New Grocery-Getter

    I've been considering the purchase of a small car, possibly an EV, to do some errands around town. I just got an ebike, a Specialized Turbo Vado 4, and thought I'd share it here as it's a great alternative to a car for some uses. I live in Boulder County, CO, which is on the Front Range and...
  2. DaveC

    Introducing ZenWave Audio Clear Bass Cables!

    ZenWave Audio Clear Bass Cables Clear Bass cables offer stunning clarity, dynamics, and definition when used for woofer and subwoofer frequencies. They add less warmth and fullness than pure copper, which results in better resolution and sharper, more defined leading edges. These are a better...
  3. DaveC

    Mini UPOCC Silver-Ribbon Speaker Cables for Mini Cessaro Wagner

    I just made these mini silver-ribbon Speaker Cables for the Mini Cessaro Wagners for a long-standing customer! These have XLRs on one end for use with Chord Dave DAC and mini banana plugs on the other end. The XLRs are Furutech and bananas are Pomona beryllium copper. Gauge is 17g, it's similar...
  4. DaveC

    Furutech NCF AC Plugs: Gold vs Rhodium Reviewed!

    Here's a nice comparison by Jay of AudioBacon of identical ZenWave PCR-14 copper ribbon power cables, with only the plugs being different. And the plugs are close to identical with the exception of gold vs rhodium plating. The electrical contacts are identical, both use Furutech's "Alpha...
  5. DaveC

    Beware of Counterfeit ZenWave Cables!

    Wow! Well, I've been copied... These pics were shared from Germany, the cables were purchased from ebay with the seller's address in Germany. The cables look like a poor copy so I'd guess this is a small scale enterprise, probably one guy copying a bunch of different cables and selling them on...
  6. DaveC

    Introducing ZenWave Audio's new UPOCC Silver and Copper Ribbon Speaker Cables!

    I'd like to introduce ZenWave's brand new UPOCC silver and UPOCC copper ribbon speaker cables! The SCR and SSR (Speaker cable, Copper Ribbon and Speaker cable, Silver Ribbon, respectively) speaker cables are derived from the PSR-14 power cable (Power cable, Silver Ribbon – 14 gauge), and are...
  7. DaveC

    How To Use WBT Locking RCA Plugs

    I'm going to go over how to use the WBT 0102 Ag locking RCA plugs I use in many of my cables. First, why locking RCA plugs? They are a pain! :evil: I know, but there are some advantages! :) - RCA jacks are not all the same size so if you don't have locking RCA plugs some may be too...
  8. DaveC

    NEW ZenWave DSR UPOCC Silver Ribbon Interconnect Cable

    Following the release of the PSR-14 UPOCC Silver Ribbon power cables, I'm excited to announce the release of new interconnect cables using the same ribbon wire! The ribbon interconnect cables will begin with the DSR UPOCC Silver Ribbon RCA interconnect cable and will be followed by an XLR...
  9. DaveC

    PayPal Refund? No Refund of Processing Fees! How do YOU like to pay?

    Starting October 11th Paypal will no longer refund transaction fees (~3%) if the transaction is cancelled or refunded. So, for a $1000 sale the vendor loses that sale + $30, and now maybe has to sell the item as "open box" and then has to pay the fees twice when the item is resold. Personally...
  10. DaveC

    DaveC's Best of RMAF 2019: AlsyVox and Omega

    Congrats to AlsyVox and Omega for setting up the best system at RMAF 2019! I listened to this system for at least an hour Saturday and Sunday, some recordings were incredibly lifelike. We've all heard those moments of realism from excellent systems from time to time... this system does this...
  11. DaveC

    DaveC's RMAF 2019 Picture Thread

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest has moved to the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center in 2019. This is a big step up from the previous venue at Denver Tech Center and should encourage both vendors and participants who disliked the previous venue to attend once again. RMAF's previous location...
  12. DaveC

    Does My Ass Look Fat In This Bowtie?

    I used to have gold bowties but they're just too bright. I replaced the front one with a black bowtie and am unsure if I should put the rear one on... does my ass look fat in this bowtie?
  13. DaveC

    A Visit to YG Acoustics

    Yesterday evening YG had a tour for the Colorado Audio Society (CAS) and I'd like to thank YG and CAS for this great opportunity to check out one of the world's best speaker manufacturers. We started with a multimedia presentation of YG's production so we can see all of the key parts and how...
  14. DaveC

    PSA: Please Check Your SPAM Folder

    I've had some issues with gmail's spam filter being overactive, and I'm not the only one. If you haven't received a reply from me please check your spam folder. Here are a few issues I've experienced in recent months, and I haven't sent a promotional email in a very long time... I have seen a...
  15. DaveC

    NEW ZenWave PSR-14 UPOCC Silver Ribbon Power Cable

    I'm excited to announce ZenWave Audio's new power cable! :D This cable is intended to be an all-out, no-holds-barred, cost-no-object power cable that is CLEARLY better vs top of the line copper power cables such as Furutech's DPS-4 and my own PL11 cable. It has a very vivid and dynamic effect...
  16. DaveC

    I can't believe I just bought a new...

    Camaro SS with 1LE performance package! :cool: This car cost about the same as my previous Subaru STi, just under $40k with some negotiation. However, it has 150 more hp, gets better fuel economy, and it turns, stops and accelerates much faster. I have some issues with my STi, not the least of...
  17. DaveC

    New ZenWave Interconnect Cable: The D5

    Introducing the ZenWave Audio D5 RCA Interconnect Cable The D5 RCA interconnect cable is designed to be slightly richer and more harmonically dense vs the D4 and will match best with many low-distortion solid-state systems as well as those simply looking for a richer sound. By using my...
  18. DaveC

    DaveC's Best of RMAF 2017

    These were the rooms I thought offered the most in cost-no-object, value, or small size/lifestyle categories: Verity Audio High Fidelity Services showing Verity Audio Lohengrin IIS speakers, Verity electronics, TW Acustic tt/arm/phono pre, Ortonfon cart. I honestly didn't expect much...
  19. DaveC

    DaveC's RMAF 2017 Picture Thread

    This year I just tried to chill and take in the music, didn't play my own tracks for the most part, and so I won't get into commenting about the sound as much since I can only give an overall impression without careful evaluation using tracks I'm extremely familiar with. On to the pics! :)...
  20. DaveC

    Westworld (New HBO Series)

    This has been an interesting series, the finale is airing this Sunday. Thinking about the plot, I realized Westworld is an allegory for the human experience. "The Maze" is what we're here on Earth to do. We started as animals, over time we gained self-consciousness. It's the key that...
  21. DaveC

    DaveC's RMAF 2016 Best In Show: Austin Acoustic

    There were a lot of excellent systems at RMAF 2016. These days many major speaker manufacturers are producing great products, and they seem to be converging to very similar space... and it's a nice space with vanishingly low distortion and great resolution... yet in many ways it still falls...
  22. DaveC

    DaveC's RMAF 2016 Coverage

    RMAF 2016 seemed like a success despite logistical issues due to the fact half of the hotel was still under construction. The normal hotel rooms were remodeled essentially making them narrower... two speaker companies I was going to show with backed out as a result, and I know many others did...
  23. DaveC

    Mono & Stereo ZenWave Audio D4 Interconnect Review

    Matej Isak has written a review of my D4 RCA and XLR interconnect cables for his blog/online magazine Mono & Stereo! :D I think he has done a great job with the review and has managed to communicate their...
  24. DaveC

    Guinea Pigs Wanted!

    Not sure where to put this, mods feel free to move it... I'd like a few volunteers to stop by and do some listening tests. It'll be fun! I have beer and snacks. :D There's a bit of work too, taking some notes, listening to the same test tracks several times, etc... but also some general...
  25. DaveC

    audio video REVOLUTION Review of ZenWave Cables and ZenWave SurgeX

    Andre Marc just completed a review of my cables and modded SurgeX here: I couldn't ask for a better review, what he describes is exactly what my goals were and IMO, no higher praise can...
  26. DaveC

    The Ultimate Vinyl Rip

    From a fresh-cut copper disc...
  27. DaveC

    New Preamp

    I'm happy to be finishing up my next project, a zero-gain preamp using Tortuga's LDR and Broski's Aikido tube buffer. RDavidson helped with design and is getting one of them, his is made with spalted maple and natural aluminum metal parts, mine is maple burl with brushed copper front and top...
  28. DaveC

    DaveC's 2015 RMAF Photos and Reviews

    RMAF 2015 was a great time, attendance was down but we had a steady stream of folks through both rooms my gear was in. But compared to the old days maybe half as many attendees... I think CAS/RMAF should consider a big marketing push so the general public is more aware of the show. I certainly...

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