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  1. jeffrey_t

    Best EL34’s

    Hello all…: I’m looking for any recommendations on the best of the vintage EL34’s you’ve heard. thanks!
  2. jeffrey_t

    Ojas Audio - High Efficiency Speakers Made in NYC

    Cool video about Devon Turnbull's Ojas Audio speakers. High efficiency speakers and low wattage tube amps. Nothing new here, but it's interesting to see a former DJ who visited Japan being inspired by Japanese DIY audio.
  3. jeffrey_t

    Best Shostakovich Symphony #7

    I’m looking for everyone’s favorite Sympathy #7 on vinyl of course.
  4. jeffrey_t

    Actual Snake Oil

    I have to say that this might be the best ever:
  5. jeffrey_t

    Jonathan Weiss of OMA On CBS Sunday Morning

    Very cool interview with Jonathan Weiss....
  6. jeffrey_t

    New Garrard Build

    Here is my completed Garrard build with a custom plinth designed and built by Peter Noerbaek at PBN audio. Aluminum top and bottom, solid walnut core. It weights 150 lbs and sounds fantastic. GrooveMaster II tonearm and SME 3012R. I’m waiting for my new platform to be delivered before I move it...
  7. jeffrey_t

    401 Project

    I’ve been in the process of building out a Garrard 401 for the last 7 months. I procured a minty 401 from a fellow member, and upgraded the bearing and idler wheel. The last piece of the puzzle is the plinth. I’ve elected to go with a wood plinth sandwiched between two pieces of aluminum. Peter...
  8. jeffrey_t

    Thoughts on an Inexpensive Turntable for A Second System

    I'm looking to add a turntable to my living room mid-century modern system that is based around a pair of Bose 901's. This system is used for background music and for when people (non-audiophiles) visit. The table needs to be $2000 or less and have a mid-century look to please the wife. Here's...
  9. jeffrey_t

    Any Members Live in Ottawa?

    Hi, If there are any members that live in Ottawa please PM me. There is a piece for sale on Canuck Audio Mart that is for local pick up only. I'll pay a pick up fee! Thanks, Jeff
  10. jeffrey_t

    New Schitt Turntable

    This table looks very cool for $800, and it comes with a 11" carbon fiber arm!
  11. jeffrey_t

    Keith's Dream Amplifier Thread

    What should Keith drive this speaker with?
  12. jeffrey_t

    VDH XGW Stradivarius

    I was lucky enough to pick up a VDH XGW Stradivarius (thank you MikeL) and added it to the system last week. It is absolutely fantastic, and gives me the clearest window into the music I've ever had in my system. The detail and nuance of the instruments has really taken my system to the next level.
  13. jeffrey_t

    Neil Peart Dead at 67

    Sad news today.
  14. jeffrey_t

    Tru-lift Opinions

    I'm thinking of buying a Tru-lift tonearm lift for my table, any experience with these lifts here?
  15. jeffrey_t

    Ad Astra Trailer

    Now this looks really interesting
  16. jeffrey_t

    The Return of Garrard!

    Pictures of the new SME built Garrard with plinth. Approximate cost is $16K (shown here with SME M-12R.) Exciting times in vinyl reproduction!
  17. jeffrey_t

    Finally.....The General Lists Jazz on eBay

    Having received a rare jazz record from the General, I highly recommend you check out his offerings on eBay! Just don't bid on the Charles Rouse, that one is mine!
  18. jeffrey_t

    Gregory Petan from PFO Reviews PBN Audio M2!5 Horn Speakers

    Nice video by Gregory Petan with the M2!5's.
  19. jeffrey_t

    ECM Thread

    I have a rather large ECM collection and I'm going to share a few of the best albums I have.. The lable has an amazing group of artists. A few of my favorites Keith Jarret, Eberhard Webber, Jack De Johnette, chick Corea, Jan Garbarek and Pat Metheny. The side men are equally as good with players...
  20. jeffrey_t

    Looking for Tube Recommendations!

    I figure it's time to re-tube my LAMM LL2.1 Deluxe preamp. Looking for suggestions on the best tubes you all are enjoying. Here is the tube complement: Two 12AU7's Two 6DJ8's One 6X4 Looking for vintage tubes, will probably purchase from Upscale Audio. Thank you in advance!
  21. jeffrey_t

    Get ready to sell your Wilson, Sonus Faber And YG's......NOS Bose 901 Series VI in the house!

    My wife and I collect 50's midcentery furniture. She saw a pair of 901's in an old add with a Herman Miller Eames chair and said "I want those for the TV room!" Excellent midrange, but that's all you get!
  22. jeffrey_t

    The Man In The High Castle

    Just finished the third season of the Man in the High Castle. For those that enjoy alternate history and/or science fiction, this is a must watch.
  23. jeffrey_t

    New Room Design - Advice Needed

    I'll be building a new room from scratch on my property, a dedicated room for my stereo and record collection. It will be 15' by 20' and will have a vaulted ceiling 12' high. I'd like some advice from people on this great forum that have built rooms from scratch. Some of my questions: 1...
  24. jeffrey_t

    For zerostargeneral

  25. jeffrey_t

    Tomasz Stanko Dead at 76

    One of the greats has passed:
  26. jeffrey_t

    Lamm'd if you do, Lamm'd if you don't

    So while Mike was making the uber Lamm upgrade, I was making a more modest move in the Lamm stable.....the Lamm ML1.1. I have to say I'm extremely pleased with the pairing of the tube mono's with my JBL speakers. My wife who is tolerant but extremely skeptical of my hobby, stayed in the room and...
  27. jeffrey_t

    Damping Trough on SME 3012R

    Anyone have experience with adding a silicone damping trough on a vintage SME? Thanks, Jeff
  28. jeffrey_t

    RIP John Abercrombie

    Gone too soon. Amazing innovator and stellar live performer. Original ECM recordings are a must have for any progressive jazz audiophile.

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