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    Whats your Top 5 Tracks to test a Hifi system?

    Laughed out loud reading your list and running into 12x5 among some orchestral pieces. I love 12x5 (SACD) although I'm partial to the extended version of 2120 S Michigan Ave vs. your fav. Cheers!
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    Tweaks : A sensible investment or a waste of money?

    You've got to take them out at some point to validate their performance. I had a HRS damper on top of my YBA integrated for well over 2 years. One day I removed it for no real reason and found it had over damped the amp. Removing it produced a touch more timbre. Likely component/chassis...
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    I got "The Look" from the wife as she walked by the music room...

    I agree that loading the room once in a while is absolutely necessary. In my house we play the main system a lot, but at fairly low listening levels, say 65 db. Those levels never really produce decent bass and overall balance in my ProAc D15's. Pushing it up to 80+db's transforms my system...
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    Apple Airport Express as Internet Audio Streaming Receiver

    Wow, great article. I've got so many apple products lying around unused - iPod Touch, original iPad, 2 Express units I was hoping I could figure out how to use them for streaming. Seems simple but one question ( it might be stupid) Why do you need the DAC? - is it only to send audio to the speakers?
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    Megalithic old structures how did they cut move 1200 ton stones ???

    I have watched this documentary - seems very scientific vs speculative. Bottom line - they propose the pyramids were power plants. No aliens, just an advanced civilization we have no evidence of, except for that right in front of our eyes.
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    Netflix - Black Mirror

    If you like a thinking man's Sci-Fi this may be the best TV series in a long time. Theme is technology gone amok, and it really does a nice job predicting and displaying how technology could work in the future - all the while ruining people's lives, of course. I watched the episode "White...
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    Do you pay attention to electrostatic discharge (ESD)?

    If your source is a cd you may have static built up on the cd. Happens to me on well played CD's. I just use a CD cleaner spray and the SQ returns.
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    What albums do you play weekly?

    We play music most nights before dinner and have for years. I find the following are played once a week more or less: Peter Wolf - Sleepless AKUS - 1 of the last 2 released Down from the Mountain - Music from O' Brother musicians John Hiatt - Master of Disaster (Love the song My Thunderbird)...

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