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  1. kennyb123


    Inspired by this, I placed bamboo under all of my Stillpoints. Large IKEA Atptitlig cutting boards went under the Ultra SS used under all my components. Bamboo drink coasters purchased from Bed, Bath and Beyond went under the Ultra SS affixed to the bottom of my speakers. Bamboo drink...
  2. kennyb123

    MIT's massive price increase

    Imagine you were driving an older Honda Accord. You've been extremely happy with it, but felt that it was time for a new one. You walk into your Honda dealer and you find that the model introduced in 2009 is still available as a current model. In 2009 and until only a few months ago, the 2009...
  3. kennyb123

    Squeezing more performance out of my Spectral gear

    I've owned a Spectral DMC-30S preamp and DMA-150 Series 2 amp for nearly a decade. There are several things that that I've done in that last few years that have squeezed even greater performance out of these components. Some would consider these tweaks, but I now consider them essential...
  4. kennyb123

    Great repair service from Spectral

    I sent my DMA-150 series 2 amp to Spectral two weeks ago to be repaired. They received it on 11/15 - and I got it back on 11/26. Stunning turnaround time - particularly in light of the fact that Thanksgiving occurred during the time they had it. I'm guessing they must have shipped it out to...

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