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  1. Hilroy48

    Sugden last amp

    I currently have the Sugden SPA-4 power amp with matching LA-4 pre amp, and i couldn't be more pleased. I had a switch go off in my head the other day, and i have somehow convinced myself that i should have the Sugden MPA-4 mono block amps. After selling my current amp, i would still need to...
  2. Hilroy48

    Speaker cable comparison

    I have read a lot of the threads about speaker cables, and it is amazing at how complex this topic can be. I hope to be done my speaker cable journey at this time. Coming from humble beginnings in the 80's, where 12AWG lamp cord was my speaker cable of choice, to working as an electrician and...
  3. Hilroy48

    New speakers in the house.

    Well. Just when i thought i had reached my endgame system, i get a call from my audio dealer telling me he is wanting to buy a set of Confidence 30 speakers. He said i can have first dibs on his Confidence 20 demo speakers, not quite a year old. Well the price was great, and he delivered them to...

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