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  1. TheMooN

    Rack Identification

    I would be grateful for any information regarding this particular rack.
  2. TheMooN

    Aries Cerat...A Photographic Exhibition

    I thought that I would create a virtual photography album where like minded admirers of the Craftsmanship and Artistry of Aries Cerat might like to post up any images of AC works that have left an impression, that might resonate with another member, or merely pleasing to the eye. I shall start...
  3. TheMooN

    Aries Cerat Signature System ‘La Lune’

    I thought that I would share my elation in having just placed my order for an Aries Cerat Impera II Signature pre amplifier and Aries Cerat Concero Signature 65W Mono pair amplifiers... To say that I am exhilarated at the prospect of the new system would be quite the understatement!
  4. TheMooN

    Aries Cerat Symphonia Review
  5. TheMooN

    Synergistic Research 240 Volt RED And BLACK Fuses

    Having recently replaced the following Red and a Black SR fuses with the latest Blues the following are now available. 1 X 20mm X 5mm Red 3.15A slow blow £35 + £4 pp 1 X 20mm X 5mm Red 4A Slow blow £35 + £4 pp 1 X 20mm X 5mm Red 4A slow blow £35 + £4 pp 1 X 20mm X 5mm Black 4A slow...
  6. TheMooN

    WTD: PS Audio P5 Regenerator

    As per title, ideally sporting EU Schuko receptacles WHY Folks...
  7. TheMooN

    DIY Power Cables

    I am planning on building a couple on new 15 Amp power cables and would welcome any opinions regarding a short list that I have in mind, either in isolation or via some minor miracle by comparison. Neotech NEP 3001 FURUTECH FP-S55N Acrolink 7N-p4032 II Ta Muchly.
  8. TheMooN


    I am looking to acquire a few original pre 1993 production DR's NOS or very few hours on the clock, EX BAT equipment examples considered. WHY folks.
  9. TheMooN

    MONO.......TIS The Future.

    I have been mulling upon the building of an dedicated Mono vinyl replay system sporting an Single large Horn or open baffle transducer, true Mono compliance cartridge, single DIY SET amplification, and am wondering whether any members are, or have, run such a dedicated Mono rig...
  10. TheMooN


    During the course of rationalising my vintage collection I have been collating old images and taking new ones of some of my vintage collection, and thought that I would start this thread for members to display and discuss ones truely vintage equipment. I shall kick this off with some...
  11. TheMooN

    Do You Ever Have The Sensation That Your 'Hole' Is In The Wrong Place

    Then One Of These Should Provide Relief.......
  12. TheMooN

    Technics SL1000 MKII...Stick Or Twist

    It seems a while since we have had one of Spirits introspective navel gazing threads ;) therefore I thought that I would step into the breach. I have been mulling over setting up an analog money pit and I have the option of bringing a complete retail SL1000 MKII set out of mothball, or...
  13. TheMooN

    Theabsolutesound Reviews The ARC Reference 250se
  14. TheMooN

    Turntable......Stick Or Twist?

    Hmmmmmm don't know:confused: I have an virtually Brand new, in bearing revolutions terms, Technics SL1000 MKII, complete with origional box Mothballed, motor run once a year, then back in mothball, quandary.......Give vinyl another shot...
  15. TheMooN

    ARC Introduce New "Foundation Series" Line Of Producs
  16. TheMooN

    Masterpiece Line Expansion With Two New Models
  17. TheMooN


    I have pretty much deduced my short list for a new digital front end down to - DCS Vivaldi Transport and DAC / DCS Rossini and Clock or an Lampizator Balanced GG. Purely on RRP alone, the list runs in descending order, however other that bonzo (Whome I consider to have a very good ear ...
  18. TheMooN

    Power Cables
  19. TheMooN

    Jazz And Crooner Fans Download Windfall

    Given recent events and the behaviour of a few individuals ! I was in two minds whether the start this thread, however on reflection I decided that I would do so, that the many may avail themselves of this resource.
  20. TheMooN

    Akiko Audio Tuning Sticks

    A poor mans grounding system?
  21. TheMooN

    Martin Logan CLX Compendium

    I thought that I would initiate this thread not only as a point of discussion but also as a repository of information, reviews, user tips and tweaks, etc, etc, that may be of value to anyone interested in this particular model of Martin Logan transducer. As a catalyst, I only recently chanced...
  22. TheMooN

    Warriors (No not that one)

    An excellent Docu film for your consideration.
  23. TheMooN

    WTB: Shun Mook

    A number of recent kit changes sees me questing around for 6 X Mpingo's and a set of Ultra DR's. What Have You Sirs!
  24. TheMooN

    One For bonzo

    CLX 5.1 = :cool: Should one wish for minimal PB exposure cut to the 5min mark.
  25. TheMooN

    hORNS Universum 3 MKII

    I would be interested in any first hand considerations of this particular 3 way horn.
  26. TheMooN

    FS: Audio research reference 150 amplifier

    Purchased by myself from KJW1, approx 2 years old, 1200 hours on the original set of valves, Immaculate condition, boxed with all accessories. Seeking £6485, Collection from London East strongly preferred and recommend, Courier at cost via UPS considered to UK. img host how to...
  27. TheMooN

    FS: Set Of Three Shun Mook Giant Diamond Resonator's

    As per Title, In excellent condition including the Original manufacturer's padded box. Seeking £1375 + 1st class signed for delivery UK, Offshore to be advised, PayPal gift or Bank Transfer please.

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