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  1. treitz3

    The "audiophile". Is the discontented or contented better?

    Is a contented audiophile enjoying the music more than a discontented one? Or maybe it’s like Steve Carell said in The Big Short, “I am happy when I’m unhappy.” Maybe discontented audiophiles experience more enjoyment, because they are always pursuing the last iota of awesome and reaching...
  2. treitz3

    Strange Fruit - Nina Simone

    So, I am working on things in the office tonight and my wife, Kim is watching this show called, "Cold Case". I have mentioned to her before that I dig her watching this as I am working because the songs they play are well, pretty cool. Most of them anyways. So, tonight I am listening to this...
  3. treitz3

    Car stereo - Focal?

    Hello all and good evening to you. I have spent the majority of my time getting to the point I am at with my main rig at home. Now that I am close to being "done", as I feel any move will be just a waste of money and a lateral move for just a different flavor? I am moving on to the next "want"...
  4. treitz3

    Savannah Conley -

    Just heard her song....a snippet off of the show, "Yellowstone". Would be interested in more.... What say you? I was impressed off of the snippet I heard. Tom
  5. treitz3

    What is "Pin-Point Imaging" to you?

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the WBF. In another thread, there has been a discombobulated discussion with what exactly this means to listeners. The comments suggested that this term, with regards to hi-fi reproduction, needs a little bit more clarity with what it actually means. This...
  6. treitz3

    Has anyone heard from Johnny Vinyl?

    Hello and good evening to you all. This member was considered a good "online" friend of mine and a recent thread that resurfaced made me notice that he has not been on this site since last year. I am hoping everything is well with him. Did he leave on his own accord or did something happen to...
  7. treitz3

    deHavilland UltraVerve 3 Remote and deHavilland Mercury 3 Preamplifiers

    deHavilland UltraVerve 3 Preamplifier - deHavilland Mercury 3 Preamplifier - Hello all and good afternoon to you. I hope everyone had a safe night last night and Happy New Year to all...
  8. treitz3

    Esoteric Audio Research 868L or 868LP tube preamplifier

    Does anyone here have experience with either of these tubed preamplifiers? If so, would you be so kind as to let me know what your thoughts are with them? Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all! Tom
  9. treitz3

    Need help with a contact - Charlie Cocci - Gary Dodd

    Hey all and good evening to you. I need your help. I am looking for a gentlemen by the name of Charlie Cocci who lives or used to live in Massachusetts... He apparently has all of the schematics for Gary Dodd's work (RIP, good friend....I STILL miss our conversations into the wee hours of the...
  10. treitz3

    Those who went to Lone Star Audio Fest in 2017....

    Hey guys, I could use your help. There was a gentleman there, Scott Clark, who presented The Dodd Room honoring the work of the late Gary Dodd. I need to contact him. Does anybody know how to contact him....or know someone who does? Please advise and thanks, Tom
  11. treitz3

    Tom's modest system...

    Hello all and good morning to you. I'd like to share a photo of my rig that is being featured at this year's Carverfest. I know that it does not hold a candle to some of the systems on this board but I am very proud of what I have assembled and designed along my audio journey. Here is a...
  12. treitz3

    Do you live near NJ? Like vintage audio? Tom
  13. treitz3

    Tom's Picks - New music that's recommended listening...

    Hello all and good Sunday afternoon to you. Happy Mother's Day to the lovely Mom's out there on this forum! I have come across some great tunes in my time and instead of talking about gear? I'd like to start a discussion about the one thing we all have in common, whether you are on this forum...
  14. treitz3

    CD / LP place holders. What do you use?

    Hello all and happy Saturday morning to you! I love everything about my rig but something that I had never thought to ask about before bugs me. I am in the market for a CD / LP holder. You know, something that displays the CD / LP that's currently being played in an upright position. Right...
  15. treitz3

    New TT design, completely rethought. Interesting... Tom
  16. treitz3

    Schnerzinger or Master Built cables?

    Anyone have a preference or experience between the two brands? If so, what are your observations/thoughts/or experience? Tom
  17. treitz3

    Mercedes (unknown) race car?

    Hello all, just spotted this one. I have never seen it before. Anybody know what it is? SLR perhaps? I keep seeing "timati" associated with some of the photos. Here's another one... Tom
  18. treitz3

    Eeeeeking that last 5%

    What have you done? More bass. More articulate bass. Loss of the unwanted artifacts as the volume goes up. Better sound stage. The sense of "being there". More air. Better depth. Less depth. Perfect reproduction of instruments. Less bloom. More bloom. Heavy hitting frequencies...
  19. treitz3

    What is the most musical, fast and accurate subwoofer you have heard?

    Hello all and good evening to you. I am thinking about improving the lower octaves in my system once again and I could go with the tried and true I have had before. That was a Velodyne SMS-1 hooked up in the loop with a hefty amplifier just for the VMPS Larger. In my system, this was the most...
  20. treitz3

    LG announces the V20, a phone squarely targeted at audiophiles From the article - One of the major differentiators for the latest LG flagship is a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC audio. This is supposed to provide “concert-like audio” and can “reduce...
  21. treitz3

    What are your favorite movie quotes of all time?

    Hello fellow WBF members and good morning to you! Please place the quote you like along with the movie or show it's associated with. Let's have some fun with this! :D Here are some of my favorites; I know what you're thinking. "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well to tell you the...
  22. treitz3

    Behind frisson (pronounced free-sawn) - I.E. goosebumps.

    Hello fellow members of the WBF. I thought I would take the time to share some information about the occurrence of frisson, more commonly referred to as "goosebumps". If you find any articles, links or science behind this please feel free to share them here. I experience frisson often while...
  23. treitz3

    Happy Mother's Day to the Mom's out there!

    Hello all, I know with this hobby we have there are not many women on this board but for those who are and happen to be a mother? Happy Mother's Day to you! For my better half, I got her a bouquet of flowers (I know, the typical blah, blah, blah gift) and since her favorite flower is a...
  24. treitz3

    Remembering the NASCAR legend, Dale Earnhardt Sr.

    Today marks 15 years since the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr.. NASCAR has not been the same ever since. That day the world lost a great friend, a great driver and a great person on the final lap of the Daytona 500. His death happened during something that wasn't a typical Dale move, not to mention...
  25. treitz3

    The hot cars, hot women and knockout boats thread.

    Nothing but images preferred. ;) Tom
  26. treitz3

    This tiny glass disc can store 360TB of data (size of a Quarter)

    Very interesting. From the article.... "A five-dimensional (5D) digital data disc that can store 360 terabytes of data for some 13.8 billion years....Not only can it store crazy amounts of data, but it can withstand temperatures up to 1,000°C (1,832°F)". You can read more here >>>...
  27. treitz3

    The WBF humor and joke thread.

    In an effort to lighten the mood here at the WBF, I thought I would create a lighthearted thread that we can all relax in and possibly gain a chuckle or two. Please make your posts tasteful. I will start. I saw this on Facebook tonight and thought it was rather funny. So why did the...
  28. treitz3

    The greater the number of tubes in a CDP, the better the sound.

    Hello all, I have heard this statement from a heavy hitter in the industry. In your own experience.....would you say that this is a true statement or not? Tom
  29. treitz3

    Secrets to buying concert tickets for your favorite performer or band...

    Hello all and good evening to you. With the "not so ear candy" sound that we have at our disposal for Adele, the wife and I were extremely interested in getting tickets for her upcoming tour. We had decided on three cities (in case one or more city was sold out or had nose bleed seating) and all...
  30. treitz3

    LP News Tom

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