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    Taiko Audio Extreme Music Server

    What connection are many of the Extreme Music Server owners using to connect to the MSB Select DAC and The Director. Are they using USB, XLR, MSN ProUSB, or MSBProIsl . Which is the best sound. IT seems like the fiber choice would be good. Thanks
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    Anyone have Sound Lab electrostatic speakers? I Searched...

    A question for Christopher. 1) Are the 5 cell SL speakers in the house the subs? If so was the frame made with no small spacing for mids and tweeters like a normal unit? 2) I would guess the larger 7 cell unit in the beautiful is an 845 Majestic? 3) You wesite looks clean and dynamic along with...
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    Anyone have Sound Lab electrostatic speakers? I Searched...

    That is very impressive and clear drum sound. What is the rest of the system like amplifier, pre etc. What is the size of the room? Probably the best bass I have EVER heard from any speaker was a 845 speaker at T.H.E. show. Such speed and detail which left regular speakers sound slow , fuzzy and...
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    Anyone have Sound Lab electrostatic speakers? I Searched...

    Great to hear they arrived. I can call you next week to see if I can get a listen. Earl
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    T.H.E. Show Costa Mesa, CA, June 7 - 9, 2024

    I will be there.
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    Zellaton: The End of My Speaker Journey

    I have heard these speakers in Munich after 3 visits to the Zellaton room. They are clear standout speakers to me for a very specific reason. You will notice all of the speakers are made of the exact material and shape including the tweeter. They all speak in the same voice, unlike other...
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    Atma-Sphere MA-2 Amplifier

    Does the MA-2 amplifier have a switch so it goes half power, shutting down half of the tubes? This could make less heat when listening to simple low volume music. I know the MA-3 has that feature which turns off one block of tubes.
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    Graham Audio LS8/1 Signature Edition & a New System

    Could you talk about the differences beteeen the Harbeth you had and the new Graham speakers. They are both cut from the same cloth in many ways but seems the Harbeth could have a stronger bottom end.
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    Graham Audio LS8/1 Signature Edition & a New System

    I went to T.H.e. Show in Costa Mesa this year and it was my favorite speaker. It have a sound like the old LS35a which I always liked. Natural and easy sound compared to everything else accept the Audio Note room. That room had a very natural sound that you could listen to all day. The Graham...
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    With 942 pages I may be too old by that time to ask a question that has probably covered. If the Extreme is hooked to a good Switch/ Router and an audiophile ethernet cable, can the streaming sound as good as Red Book rips to the server memory. Is it that close now or not. This would also apply...
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    Ongaku - Is it worth the money!!

    If possible could you publish a good priccture of the insides of the Shinguru. No one so far has.
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    Ongaku - Is it worth the money!!

    Have you been able to compare the Shinguru to the Gaku-on? Should just be more powerful but same basic circuit. What speakers are you using and does it provide you with more than enough power without clipping and no need to consider Gaku-on?
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    Munich show 2023 Hifideluxe and MOC .

    Try to send pictures and comments on the Audio Note Room at HiFi Deluxe.
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    Actual number of tapes??

    TAS 2023 Super Tape List.
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    Wadax Reference Dac and Server arrive

    With a few owners of WADAX Electronics on this forum is is great hearing the new standard of sound all of you are getting. My question is do the owners of WADAX use the volume on the ROON system or do you use the volume on your preamp when listening?. Have any of you compared the difference?
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    Actual number of tapes??

    BIG UPDATE since June of 2021 in reel to reel tapes available for sale. On June 22, 2021 there were 975 reels available and as of November 13 2022 there are 1,381 reels available. That is a 30 percent increase in 17 months. This equates to 739 hours of listening to master tapes. Clearly the...
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    Cow Dung Speakers

    A Dung Beetle walks into a bar and says, is that stool taken.
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    Love Is Always Better the Second Time Around: The Sanders Sound Systems 10e Hybrid Electrostatic Speaker

    With the two Sanders amplifiers, do you ever have the urge to try a tube amplifier on the system? Do you feel there would be any softening would add more listenability, or are the Sander perfect for these speakers? Did you ever experience solid state or edgy sound on the system that tubes would...
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    New Master Tape Company with 30 live recordings WOW

    This is a real find that seems to be hidden. It is Tape Music from Bottrop Germany. Multiple classes. Take a listen to this one. Very live with no changes made to the sound. Next is the Jazz and Swing Page. All of the cuts sound wow. 6 Tapes...
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    The best sound I have heard was found at Jacob Heilbrunn's house.

    As of today is Jacob still using the Dartzeels or has he changed? The same question on Mike Fremer's system.
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    Tape Deck Owners: What % of your time do you listen to TAPE, DIGITAL or VINYL?

    I think this would be interesting to all of us.
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    Love Is Always Better the Second Time Around: The Sanders Sound Systems 10e Hybrid Electrostatic Speaker

    I think that 3khz dip was called "The BBC Dip". Many British speakers had this integrated into there crossovers to give a more " British Sound" It resulted in a softer more gentle listenable sound.
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    Magico M9 vs. Magico Ultimate 3 Horn- Box vs. Horn! Which will be better? In which ways?

    Dimensions of the Living Voice Sub-Woofer is 50' deep 53.5 high and 14.5 inches wide. That is a lot of sub-woofer. It even has built in retractables wheels so you can move it easier. Turn the crank and the wheels come out of the bottom, lifting the cabinet and exposing the four wheels.
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    Magico M9 vs. Magico Ultimate 3 Horn- Box vs. Horn! Which will be better? In which ways?

    I think the above statment left out one of the most beautifull sounding ALL HORN loudspeaker off your list. The Vox Olympian with the Elysian Subwoofer. The main box is a 4 way Exponential horn layout and the seperate gigantic Elysian sub woofer for below 70hz. It is a Front Loaded Exponential...
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    Has Magico lost its Touch?

    Nice Zellaton mention by Myles Astor.
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    Zellaton Plural Evo

    Nice Zellaton mention during this interview.
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    Actual number of tapes??

    Check out the GIGANTIC Master Tape spread in the new October issue of The Absolute Sound page 16- 30. Jonathan Valin list most every master tape available for sale 8 PAGES of titles. WOW. Talk about tape getting some exposure.
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    I know I am late with this question and maybe it has been answered but with 396 pages on this thread I will be ready for retirement going through them all. My question is when comparing the Extreme with downloaded files compared to streaming what were the differences or results. Were the much...
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    Has Magico lost its Touch?

    I get all new post updates from Mono & Stereo and they posted something about the very famous Rick Rubin getting a pair of Zellaton's. Just for info purposes HULU has a 3 part series called McCartnet321 with Paul McCartney and Rick Rubin about the history of many of the recording and how they...

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