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    DS Audio 003

    Thanks. DS has multiple levels of both the cartridge and the pre/energizer. Their literature says you can "mix and match". Does anyone have experience with DS as to whether the cartridge or the pre/energizer has the most influence on the sound quality?
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    DS Audio 003

    Which DS "phono amp" (forgot what they call their box that "interprets" the signal from the cartridge and connects to your preamp)? What did you have before the DS003? Thanks
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    Tube pre amplifiers

    You may want to consider VAC Master preamp. XLR and RCA in and out. Two tubes. Very full, coherent, "musical" presentation with a very deep and a wide soundstage. The detail is there, but not analytical, i.e. if you want to "listen" for detail you will hear, but if not, then a very...
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    Denali v2 vs Everest

    I initially bought the Denali and found that with a Sigma power cord to the wall and Sigma cords from components to the Denali, there was a marked decrease in noise that was heard as better bass, wider and deeper soundstage and more separation in instruments. I was impressed. Then, I tried the...
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    Shunyata Interconnects

    I learned something last week regarding Shunyata interconnects that I found interesting and reflective of the care and attention to "detail" that Galen employs in his designs. In considering a potential "upgrade" to my preamp, I looked at a used D'Agostino Momentum preamp. This preamp has ONLY...
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    VAC Master preamp vs ARC Ref 6SE

    gtaphile: Thank you for the advice. Where did you find your NOS tubes?
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    Omega speaker cables

    Agree with MusicFellow that the Omega's are superb. In comparison to the Sigmas the Omegas are more articulate, more dynamic, even lower noise floor, without a hint of veil or haze. The are not colored, but faithful to the signal. My local Nordost dealer brought over a complete loom of Odin...
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    VAC Master preamp vs ARC Ref 6SE

    graphite: Thanks for your comment. Yes, I have been using the "new" Tung Sol tubes. Where did you get the NOS tubes? Please elaborate on "transformed the pre to another level"; in what way? Thanks
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    Grounding system Shunyata Altaira vs Synergistic Research vs Nordost

    I found a significant difference in clarity (less noise, more articulation) with the Shunyata Altaira. I used Shunyata sigma cables from components to the Altaira and an Omega ground cable from the Altaira to the Everest power distributor. It appears that the idea is to create a common ground...
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    VAC Statement system inbound!

    I have been considering replacing my REF 6SE with the VAC Master preamp. (Will be using a D'Agostino Momentum MXV stereo amp, Shunyata cables, SF Il Cremonese speakers). I heard, thanks to kindness of Bob in Raleigh NC, the VAC with Gold Lion tubes on his Wilson Alexia speakers. The...
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    VAC Master preamp vs ARC Ref 6SE

    I am considering an "upgrade" from my ARC REF6SE preamp to a VAC Master preamp. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to actually hear the VAC and/or compare with my REF 6SE and hence I would appreciate hearing (pun) from anyone who has been able to do the comparison. Of course, the other...
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    Shunyata Omega Cables, a review

    Continuation of review: FOOTNOTES: (A) What I have learned in auditioning first the Sigmas and now the Omegas, is that before denigrating a component and purchasing another, try a change in cabling. With the Sigma and even more so with the Omegas, I discovered that I had no where near reached...
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    Shunyata Omega Cables, a review

    All Natural. No artificial flavors or colors. That in essence describes the Shunyata Omega interconnects and speaker cable. Artificial chocolate flavoring often has an initially intense taste that awakes the palate with a “bang.” But after a few seconds, the taste rapidly fades and is often...
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    DS Audio Grand Master Extreme

    Has anyone compared the DS GM or GM EX with the Soundsmith Strain Gauge? I have the latter (on an AMG turntable with their 12" turbo arm) and find the resolution, intonation, sound stage, etc truly superb, but have never been able to do a direct comparison. Thanks
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    Shunyata Gemini: power distributor & Altaira ground-plane noise reduction hub

    Has anyone tried the. Gemini or another Shunyata power distributor with a Mac Pro, external raid disk drives and monitors? I am curious as to whether there is any improvement when such systems are used in a strictly computer system, e.g. clearer images on the monitors. Thanks

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