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  1. olivier

    Atmas M-60 with ZU Druid VI

    Dear all, yesterday i got a pair of MK60 MK3.3 and i am so happy! They are a perfect match with my Zu Audio DRUID VI ! I was looking for speed and what i now have is super speed with very high resolution and great dynamics even with lower volume. Voices are silky and forward (but not too mauch)...
  2. olivier

    Hum issue with Icepower

    Dear all, a new M2TEch Crosby is in the house and i am wondering why there is a hum through the speakers when connected to the MX 150. There is no difference if connected balanced or unbalanced. With another Pre (Doge 9) there is no hum. With a Hypex am or any other amp there is no hum connected...
  3. olivier

    Stereo Subwoofer Suggestions

    Hi, did anyone compare the Velodyne DD12 + with other subs? Which is faster, more accurate? e.g. Rhythmik, REL, JL Audio? Thanks Olivier
  4. olivier

    Question concerning connection

    hi just bought a used M2500MK2 and as i run both stereo and ht-setup i am wondering if you can connect both rca and xlr at the same time and just switch the "balanced"-button? Thanks for answers olivier

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