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  1. Thieliste

    What ethernet cables are members using?

    Do you guys know about Paul Pang Platinum-M Lan cable ? I've been told it's amazing.
  2. Thieliste

    Full Limited Edition Aries Cerat System Build and World Exclusive LEGEND Series!

    Great looking forward to meet you there.:)
  3. Thieliste

    Full Limited Edition Aries Cerat System Build and World Exclusive LEGEND Series!

    Hi Billy are you coming over at the Munich show next week ?
  4. Thieliste

    Aries Cerat @ Munich High End Show 2019

    Hi guys i wonder if some of you would like to gather for an Aries Cerat diner on friday or saturday night after the show ? Would be nice to meet all of the Aries Cerat enthusiast.
  5. Thieliste

    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Are you demoing the Extreme next week at Munich, i can't find it in the brand list.
  6. Thieliste

    Munich Report: Aries Cerat

    I"ll bring my headphones because i want to know how good the Genus sounds driving headphones.
  7. Thieliste

    Which Laptop for streaming Qobuz

    Hi guys, would like to know which do you think is the best laptop solution for streaming Qobuz ? Is a Macbook pro better than let's say a PC Asus Zenbook newest model for this matter ? My DAC will be a Totaldac d1-Twelve mk2. Obviously i will also have a NAS for local music streaming. Cheers.
  8. Thieliste

    Munich High End 2019

    Thanks i will be staying at Best Western the K just like i did in 2017, it's only 2 train station away from the airport. Where is your diner taking place ?
  9. Thieliste

    Munich High End 2019

    Hi guys i just booked my flight, any suggestions for hotel would be welcome, i will be at the show friday and saturday. Thanks.
  10. Thieliste

    Room size

    Well looks like i'm going to have to do with this room size:( The town hall wouldn't let me expand the width because they don't want houses to be closer than 5 meters from the road. I'm going to have to do something like folkfreak did from audiogon placing the speakers on the long wall.
  11. Thieliste

    Room size

    Tomorrow i'm showing the house to the construction guy who's going to do my renovation, i will ask him if it's possible to enlarge this room without costing me a fortune. My max budget is €150K for this full renovation and the house was built in 1972.
  12. Thieliste

    Room size

    I obviously know it's too small that's why i'm asking, but check out this guy's room :
  13. Thieliste

    Room size

    Hi guys i have found a home that i would like to purchase and make nice renovations. Unfortunately the room where i could build my listening room is not ideal size : 10.50X16.50X9. What wall should i choose to place my speakers in my case ? I will do some serious room treatment since the room is...
  14. Thieliste

    Is CH Precision here for the long haul.

    If you choose CH Precision you will not be disappointed as it is some of the best long term investment on the market. Build quality and upgradability is phenomenal, the gear is extremely reliable.
  15. Thieliste

    Concero Series of SET amplifiers update

    Would like to have feedbacks from customers who have ordered Impera ll Sig/Concero 65 Sig if there are any ?
  16. Thieliste

    Aries Cerat Genus: King of the hill headphone amplifier

    Regarding my future system build i will know more mid april if i can have the funds this year or later on. I'm sure using world class HP with Aries cerat amp must be out of this world, i aleardy know how it sounds with my speakers.
  17. Thieliste

    Aries Cerat Genus: King of the hill headphone amplifier

    Astro what kind of output are you using on the Genus to plug your LCD4 ? Is it jack 6.35 or XLR ?
  18. Thieliste

    Aries Cerat Genus: King of the hill headphone amplifier

    No it's going to be an all or nothing kind of situation, my speakers need monoblock power so it's going to be Impera II/Concero 65 combo if i go Aries Cerat. I can still listen to my Kennerton Odin meanwhile coupled with my Hugo 2.
  19. Thieliste

    Aries Cerat Genus: King of the hill headphone amplifier

    It's funny because Jambo is prett Michel on thé dame situation as i am. With histoire speaker system on hold. It's funny because Jambo is pretty much in the same situation as i am with his speaker system put aside and using his HP rig meanwhile. The next two months are going to be crucial for...
  20. Thieliste

    Aries Cerat Genus: King of the hill headphone amplifier

    Thanks for your HP suggestion, i have listened to just about all top HP on the market today as i live next to the best HP dealer in the country. My favorite ones today are the Kennerton Odin and Thror, the Hifiman Susvara and HE1000se.
  21. Thieliste

    Aries Cerat Genus: King of the hill headphone amplifier

    Thanks Stavros good news:)
  22. Thieliste

    Aries Cerat Genus: King of the hill headphone amplifier

    Would it be possible to have a headphone output on the Impera II/Concero 65 combo ? I own Kennerton Odin driven by my Chord Hugo 2 at the moment as i don't have any headphone amp. I ask this question because if it is possible to have top level headphone output on Aries Cerat pre or power then i...
  23. Thieliste

    Borresen 03 Loudspeakers

    I think Borresen speakers would be a great match with Aries Cerat pre-power. If i go to Munich i will check them out.
  24. Thieliste

    Gryphon Mephisto Stereo

    That shoot-out would be interesting;)
  25. Thieliste

    Gryphon Mephisto Stereo

    Vienna do you think the Pandora is still the best preamp for the Mephisto stereo or would CH Precision L1 be even better ? Cheers.
  26. Thieliste

    Endgame pre-power or Int recommendations

    You should get the Aelius 2 if you already have the the PST 100 mk2, great combo that i had on demo at home. Regarding my search, favorite tube pre-power is Aries Cerat and for SS CH Precision. Favorite DAC Totaldac top of the line.
  27. Thieliste

    Audience AU24 SE-SX line of cables

    I'd like to have feedbacks from users of Audience top of the line cables, interconnects, speaker cables and power chords. They seem to have some of the best performance/price ratio on the market. Please share your experience compared to other cable manufacturers.
  28. Thieliste

    A new SOTA integrated tube amp

    For a budget of 150K most if not all will prefer separates.
  29. Thieliste

    Visit to the Cessaro Zeta System of Audioquattr

    What are the prices of the Alieno amp and preamp ? There is only one dealer in Italy and they don't mention price.
  30. Thieliste

    Visit to Bending Wave USA--Gobel and CH Precision---state of the art

    I also wanted to know why you diden't purchase M1 monos and chose to have L1 monos and C1.1 monos instead ? Is it that you don't need the power of M1 monos for your Göbel speakers ? Also how big of a difference is there between L1+X1 vs L1 monos ? Thanks.:)

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