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    Audience aR6-TSS vs aR6T-SSOX

    According to my local Audience dealer said, Audience will release their new power conditioner AR6-TSSOXM in soon (M = Morre). Does anybody test it before? How does it compared with AR6-TSSOX in sound quaility? Ref:
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    Recent Pass Labs and Wilson Sophia 3

    I’m using Esoteric K-03X, ARC Ref 6, Pass Labs X350.8 and Wilson Audio Sophia 3. I’m only interested in Jazz music, especially contemporary or modern Jazz. I like the sound very much. Your combination is very nice. I think if your listening area is not big, Pass Labs X250.8 is good enough...
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    Recent Pass Labs and Wilson Sophia 3

    Need to be carful there are many fake 6H30DR tubes in market
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    NBS Black Label II vs NBS Black Label 3S

    I have tested a NBS Black Label 2 in my system before (golden Label without serial number), it sound nice, I like it except the cable body is very hard and it’s very heavy. I’m thinking to get a 2nd hand Black Label 3S but not sure how much it sound better than the Black Label II. Does anybody...
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    Recent Pass Labs and Wilson Sophia 3

    Have you change the tubes for your Ref 6? I was very lucky to get a NOS Tung Sol 6550 black plate tubes and 7 Russian 6H30DR tubes for my Ref 6. The sound quality is better than the stock tubes.
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    Recent Pass Labs and Wilson Sophia 3

    Nemal1 May I know if your Sasha 2 color is Argento Silver? It look very nice.
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    Recent Pass Labs and Wilson Sophia 3

    I don't know if ARC Ref 6's volume has problem, it's so loud. This is not only my comment, but I have heard many Ref 6 user has same comment. In most of the CD recording, I use 20 volume control on my Ref 6 is loud enough. I used to send this question to ARC and their customer service told me...
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    Recent Pass Labs and Wilson Sophia 3

    Beautiful setup! Do you have too much bass? What cable you use in your system?
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    Recent Pass Labs and Wilson Sophia 3

    Here is my small listening area and equipments...
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    Audience aR6-TSS vs aR6T-SSOX

    I’m using Audience aR6-TSS power conditioner a few years, I’m very happy with the performance this power conditioner. Now I can upgrade this gear to get a brand new aR6-TSSOX by paying about US$1920. However, I’ve compared it side by side at the same time, it seem like the sound quality is not...
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    Recent Pass Labs and Wilson Sophia 3

    I'm using ACR Ref 6, Pass Labs X-350.8 and Sophia 3, the system work real good. My Pass amp has a lot of power to handle my Sophia 3, which is easy to drive. And I'm interested to upgrade to Sophia 3 to Sasha 2, but I'm unable to make my decision because my listening area is small, I'm...
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    Spectral DMA-400 vs DMA-360 Series 2

    Does anyone know what are the difference between Spectral DMA-400 and DMA-360 Series II in sound quality? Are they sound very similar? Just 400 has more power output and more bass? My friend is looking for a pair of mono Spectral amp, DMA-400 are too expensive for him and many DMA-360 S2 he...
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    DMA-500 Anniversary Reference Monoblocks

    May I know this DMA-500 is a replacement product for DMA-400 or a limited production's product?
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    Pass X350.8 or X260.8 is better for me?

    I ‘m using a Electrocompaniet AW-180 Mono-block and ARC Ref 6 per-amp with my Wilson Audio Sophia 3 speaker now. And I want to buy a new amp to replace my AW-180 this year. My target is either Pass Labs 260.8 Mono or X350.8 stereo, which one you think is better for my Sophia 3? Some of my...
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    Grilles-on please

    I’ve done some experiment, for me it depends on how close I’m sitting with the speaker. If I sit more far away, take out the grilles has better sound for me. But if I sit more near to the speaker, I prefer to put the grilles on, it sounds more natural, not too bright and aggressive. So my...
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    When Avalon speaker meet EC Amp

    Thanks, my EC amp work very well with my Avalon Ascendant II (At least I like the sound). I plug all my gears to the CSE Isolation Transformer (CDP, Per-amp and Power-amp), I like the sound from this way more than the Power-amp connected with the Furutech GTX-(R) receptacles directly. Just...
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    When Avalon speaker meet EC Amp

    I’ve ordered a Avalon Ascendant II speaker last week and I will receive it a few days later (very excited now), a few questions: 1) Does anybody have experience to listen Avalon speaker work with Electrocompaniet amp? How’s the sound quality? 2) In case if I need to change speaker...

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