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  1. Ron Resnick

    Isolation Transformer and Balanced Power versus PS Audio Regenerator

    Who has compared directly in the same system, on an apples-to-apples basis, an isolation transformer and balanced power device (e.g., Equi-Tech or Torus or Furman P-2400 IT) to a PS Audio power regenerator? What sonic differences did you hear between these two different power solutions? What...
  2. Ron Resnick

    Paul McGowan Prefers Digital

    In Paul McGowan’s post today, “Album art,” on his PS Audio blog,, he writes: “My readers will know I prefer the dynamics, life, and sound quality of proper digital on a system specific to the medium.“ I commented: I have great...
  3. Ron Resnick

    PS Audio DirectStream P20

    From Paul’s blog: “Today we officially launch the DirectStream P20, our finest expression of the art of regenerating new, perfect AC.”
  4. Ron Resnick

    PS Audio Regenerator versus Balanced Power/Isolation Transformer for Phono Stage?

    Specifically in the context of a phono preamplifier . . . has anyone compared carefully the noise reduction or improvement in sound quality resulting from plugging your phono preamplifier into a PS Audio P5 or P10 versus a balanced power/isolation transformer such as an Equi-Tech or a Torus or...

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