1. J

    Philips w00x sw966

    Hey. I have Bench KH02 Dolby Pro Logic amplifier and i dont know how to connect/or can i connect Philips w00x sw966 to it? I dont have any experience about these things so can someone help me:)
  2. Ron Resnick

    Don Saltzman Reviews the REL 212/SE in The Absolute Sound I think the review is great: very well-written, interesting, detailed, understandable and humorous! The REL 212/SE is interesting because it utilizes the same arrangement of a vertical pair of front-facing drivers...
  3. Ron Resnick

    Munich High-End 2018 Ron Report: Ascendo Subwoofers

    In 2016 Ascendo Immersive Audio unleashed upon the universe a 50" diameter subwoofer driver. Now Ascendo has added a 24" model (good down to 10Hz) . . . . . . and a 32" model (good down to 7Hz).
  4. T

    Subs for big horns?

    Can anyone recommend, or is there such a thing, as a subwoofer (or pair of subs) that can keep up with the lightening fast bass of big horns? I don’t need anything too subsonic, just to fill the 30-60hz range, my speakers tail off quickly below 45hz. Budget - pretty flexible but in or...
  5. Ron Resnick

    Magico Subwoofers

    1) Has anyone compared in a familiar system the sound of a Q-Sub or S-Sub to the competitors such as JL Audio Gotham or Velodyne DD-18+ or REL No. 25 or REL G1 or REL Studio III (available used but no longer in production) or Seaton Submersive or Seaton F18 or Paradigm Sub 2? 2) Can someone who...
  6. A

    I Need Help Understanding

    Hello, So I recently purchased some audio equipment, and am relatively satisfied with the results I have gotten out of them, but I am still looking for a bit more. Where my confusion begins, is I purchased a 4000 watt amplifier to power my 1600 watt 8 ohm speaker, and the amp offer 700 watt...
  7. Ron Resnick

    REL No. 25

    This new REL subwoofer has a 15" diameter cone. REL switched to Class D amplification for this subwoofer. Has anybody heard it yet?
  8. Ron Resnick

    Why the high watt spec in subwoofer amplifiers?

    Some subwoofer towers in four tower, "statement" speaker systems use high-watt class D amplifiers (e.g., Evolution Acoustics MM7, Genesis 1.2) and many standalone subwoofers use high-watt class D amplifiers as well (e.g., JL Audio, MartinLogan, Seaton, Velodyne). We know the obvious reasons...
  9. J

    Justus sends greetings from CT USA!

    Hi guys, I literally just stumbled upon the WBF and I cannot for the life of me understand why it has taken so long! I love the layout, setup, etc. Thank you Amirm and Steve for managing it. Anyway, I am originally from The Netherlands and came to the USA in 1996. I am a neuroscientist...
  10. J

    2.1 Desktop Audio System

    Hello Vincent, My PC has S/PDIF TOSLINK and COAX out. I'd like to setup a 2.1 desktop system with active monitors and active sub. The component that I need to tie this system together would have a DAC (for the S/PDIF input) / preamp (for volume control) / active crossover (so I can...
  11. T

    In-ceiling subs

    Has anyone had any experience, or have any opinions about in-ceiling subs? For example the Sonance Architectual Series BPS-1 subwoofer system. I like the idea of putting at least some subwoofers in locations other than along the walls...
  12. T

    Comparison of Double Bass Array to Sound Field Management: THE MEATY PART!!!

    NOTE: this is a part 2 post. Read first. OK, now the meaty part: I want to compare the Double Bass Array to Sound Field Management on a point by point basis. Efficiency...
  13. T

    "Fast" and "slow" subwoofers: can we put them to bed?

    My subwoofers are all "slow". I know this because I usually can catch up to mine in a dead heat, with favorable winds. But seriously, I do see this subject crop up all the time. I'm sure it has been discussed before in different threads, but I'm feeling ambitious today and thinking maybe I...
  14. T

    Comparison of Double Bass Array to Sound Field Management: Overview

    Hmmm. My first post on the What’s Best forum – what to start off with? Well, I would like to discuss two methods of optimizing subwoofers in a room which have some similarities. One is Sound Field Management, which Allan Devantier and I worked on starting in 2003. The other one is a “Double...
  15. T

    Comparison of Double Bass Array to Sound Field Management

    Warning: this is a teaser! I am currently preparing a post to kick off this forum. The subject will be: "Comparison of Double Bass Array to Sound Field Management" - two different but related methods to optimize bass in a room over multiple seats. Its a subject near and dear to my heart...

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