vacuum tube

  1. A

    FS: KR Audio PX4 Vacuum tubes - $550

    Bought these in December to try out in a newly purchased Lampizator Golden Gate. As you may know, the combination of rectifier and driver tube need to be synergistic with this DAC. Fortunately for the new owner, these are available, and have seen less than 10 hours of use from me. Former owner...
  2. kodomo

    Psvane Acme Series (new flagship series)

    They have 845, 300b, 802, 211, 2a3, 274b and 212 tubes. They claim to have new patents in vacuum tube audio which have been used in these series like composite metal mesh screen pole structure for big power tubes and they are stable and very good sounding. I may try the acme 845 pretty soon. I...
  3. C

    Vacuum tube 6HR6 Question

    I found a listing on ebay for a 6hr6 vacuum tube. The unit used to test the tube is a Hickok 6000A tube tester. The average new value on the roll chart is 3600 for this tube. They listed the min for the tube at 2160. Is there any way to find out how they got this number of 2160 as the min good...
  4. S

    Pairing receiver to tube amp

    Hi everyone. Being new to the world of vacuum tube stereos, I have some questions regarding my Dared VP-16 amp. Currently it is attached to two Paradigm Atom speakers. I also have it connected to my computer through Bluetooth via a DAC, but am wondering about how to connect radio. Are there...

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