1. Nordost TYR2 XLR

    Nordost TYR2 XLR

    SOLD ONE PAIR. ONE MORE PAIR AVAILABLE. 2 pairs of Nordost XLR 1 meter long, both were purchased from the main UK dealer - 1 was brand new, while the other was a "demo". Both in mint condition & with original box and documents. Price given is per pair - postage additional to be shared 50/50...
  2. E

    Belden Iconoclast cables

    I've been very surprised that the only place one can find reviews or even a thread about these newish high-end IC and speaker cables is on the PS Audio forum. They have gained a very good reputation there, and are being favorably compared to the high-end Nordost offerings. Granted that the...
  3. lordcloud

    FS Kimber Select KS 1130

    I'm selling my Kimber Select KS1130s They're 42", balanced (xlr). They have sounded great with everything I've put them on. I am the second owner. The first was an employee at Kimber Kable. These are in perfect condition, as I've babied them, and had them stored away for a while, while I...
  4. J

    In my experience...humble though it is.

    I use only one brand of cables...with only one clear methodology in mind. I like what I hear, and of course I might like to upgrade even further is due course, but will always go for source then components then cables...as a general set of rules. Of course there are no rules, and opportunity...
  5. Believe High Fidelity

    Vermouth Audio Cables - Best Price to Performance cable

    Hello WBF Members, I am new to the WBF, but for more information about Believe High Fidelity we have made introductions here and if you plan to attend CES see our system here. In a market flooded with bold claims of various precious metals, cryo treatments, proprietary shielding and price...

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