2022 Mercedes EQS EV S-Class


Dec 26, 2017
regarding service issues the problem mostly is that people don't want to work anymore and finding employees is very hard.
I must admit I heard this same thing from my parents. We can even go back and find articles stating this. Heck I was telling my kids this before Covid.

One thing Covid did was made people realize their worth. The world is different post 2020-2021 and there is no going back.

Just my thoughts. I'm sure others think differently.


Jan 23, 2011
Amsterdam holland
Absolute bargain.
Whats a much better bargain is having a company lease car in belgium .
You pay a small personal admission fee ( real small )and the employer pays his share.
For that you get a car plus tankcard .
You can use the tankcard more or less unlimited at stations in belgium it costs nothing extra .

Cars are cheaper in belgium so are rents and gas / electricity.

Any problem with the leasecar and you get a substitute for as long as the repair takes.
All services are paid for with the lease.
You can go with a full tank / accu to spain on holidays no problem
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Apr 21, 2010
That is an incredibly frustrating experience, Jonathan!

I wonder if the experience is a matter of whether the particular dealer one deals with is responsible and considerate, or not? Perhaps it is not even about the dealer generally — perhaps it is about the individual service advisor one gets hooked up with in the service department?

At Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills I have had the same service advisor since 2008. He treats me so well I typically get him a Christmas present!
No Ron, it was not only the dealer and those at the dealer, but it was also MB corporate.

Frankly the service advisors have always been good to deal with.


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Mar 4, 2014
the Upper Midwest
regarding service issues the problem mostly is that people don't want to work anymore and finding employees is very hard. it's really impacted our service departments and the ability to be on top of customer communications. obviously it varies from place to place.

I hear this a lot. Almost a universal 'reason'. Of course money is still taken for sub-par service. Maybe if government handouts were less frequent ...

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