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Jul 9, 2018
We have been quiet for the past few months as we prepare to launch the next generation of digital audio performance. Now it is time to begin sharing what we have been working on with our sister company, Sonore.

Introducing systemOptique: http://sonore.us/systemoptique.html

SystemOptique is much more than a Sonore fiber optic player/streamer. We are building a fiber optic compatible ecosystem of certified products that will ensure a better audio experience compared to what you are getting today. This will NOT be a closed set of products from only Sonore and Small Green Computer. To the contrary, we are working across the audio space by opening this ecosystem to most any company that wants to join this audio revolution and become systemOptique Certified. We are also looking beyond traditional audio hardware companies and into networking equipment manufacturers and others to make certain, our customers get the best fiber optic audio experience possible.

Our first set of products are hitting the market shortly.

More to come!

systemoptique-logo (1).png
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