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Hey, I’m not a watch guy, but I know some are. And I know the price of watches can far outpace the cost of audio gear, so for pure luxury snob appeal watches are right up there.

I was curious about the Etsuro Gold cartridge construction, which uses a 2.5mm pure sapphire top plate. I got to thinking about that as my only knowledge of sapphire was the gem. So I searched the interwebs for “industrial sapphire” to learn more and stumbled on this watch article from the NY Times:


Watch lovers, I think you’ll like it! I was fascinated.


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Dec 12, 2013
Wow nice idea but the square one seems fake looking. I know it’s not but just does not do the inside justice to me. Years ago I had an idea for clear watch like this. My concept was clear circle and use the outside for movement. the hands were to be conceived in two ways. One was hands move from outside ring giving it a total inner circle as clean. The second was hands pivot from the middle of bottom plate. Tiny rods would move hands.
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