Acapella & amps

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Aug 11, 2012
Thanks Earl.
Thanks Neli ; very usefull infos about Munich and Duisburg / Audio Forum ! Thanks very much.
Thanks also for your nice words & invitation :)
now I can't wait to go back to Germany to listen to more!


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Dec 1, 2019
Hello Neli!
Will you please describe the sound of the acapella speaker with audio note uk? We had exchanged email in passed but due to changing so much in my system I never get to follow up with. I traded M8 and kegon for M9 and gakuon.
Sky nguyen


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Apr 29, 2018
Paris - Brussels
I don't know about Acapella. I'm driving Tune Audio Animas with Zanden 3100+6000.


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May 1, 2019
I just replaced my Acapella La Campanella II's last month.
I had them with an ARC REF75 amp, then with a Nagra MPA.
I also have a Rel sub.
I changed them for Wilson Sabrinas only because they were too massive for my living room.

You can see them for sale on Canuck Audio Mart, one of Canada's used audio sites.
In my opinion, they were wonderful at mid to high volumes. Not great a low, normal volumes whereas the Wilsons are good at all volumes.
Hope this helps.
Hi Bernard,

I'm sorry that you found the LaCampanellas to be too large in your room. And I hope you love your new Sabrinas. This is not a one size fits all hobby.

Acapella's naming schemes, like many other manufacturers, lend themselves to confusion. Do you know if these were the modern LaCampanella 2 with the larger 450mm hyperspherical horn, or the older LaCampanella II mk2, with the smaller horn?

We found the newest LaCampanella 2 to be markedly better -- better detail, better perceived efficiency -- than their predecessors.

All the best,


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Dec 26, 2010
I don't know about Acapella. I'm driving Tune Audio Animas with Zanden 3100+6000.
Hi...I read your signature with interest. You own the Zanden 6000 "modd'ed by Yamada San"...if you are able to describe, what modifications did he make for you? And how did it come about that you were able to get these modifications done? Have they been done expressly for you, or is this a general modification that is available to other owners? Thanks! Very interesting.
Wow, @Skynguyen , so sorry to have missed your message!

Congratulations on your M9 and Gaku-on. I almost can't express how well we like ours with the Apollon. It took months of having them here before we could even be analytic about it; we just sat and listened.

I'll try to be more precise about the sound. As I described earlier in this thread, with the Acapellas, you really hear your amp. With the Gaku-On that is a very very good thing. Similarly with the M9Phono and all the rest up the signal chain. The Gaku-On are a seriously competent amplifier, really capable of managing the loudspeaker, with excellent harmonic content, great resolution, and such a sense of the music. They manage the Acapellas very well, both the Campanile 2 and the Apollon. The M9 is a beautiful linestage, a little more romantic than, say, the M10Line. So you get all of that.

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