Ageto Gen 3 Inverted Triode pre-amplifier. Debut at Munich 2022

Aries Cerat

Industry Expert
May 30, 2015
Hello guys

The Ianus Series got it's pre-amplifier, the Ageto. Based on our long lived Inverted Triode technology, now on Gen 3, this design is something else.

Shipping out a unit straight to Munich, see and hear the Ageto in Atrium 4.2 / E213 at this year's High End show, 19-22 May







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Oct 7, 2018
I have mentioned my system in various reports - I listen with Aries Cerat Impera Sig. and Ianus Essentia. It's still great fun - what I really miss is more time. Basically, my system is very, very good. It doesn't need anything new.

But now I had the opportunity to listen to Ageto in my system. The Impera is the matching preamp for the Aries Cerat tube power amps and the Ageto is the matching preamp for Ianus. You can hear immediately that the Impera fits well, but the Ageto even better. The Ageto really raises the level in my system another notch: everything plays more accurately, with even higher resolution and greater three-dimensionality. I'm afraid there's no way around the Ageto for me.

Once again, a truly great device.


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Oct 7, 2018
We will see. The logical consequence of my statement above would be to first try Concero 65 Sig or similar with my Impera.

Of course, none of this detracts from my statement that the Ageto is made for the Ianus.
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