All New Acora Acoustics Loudspeakers VS The World !..



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Dec 12, 2013
Thanks ,

granite speakers have been done before , many decades ago if memory serves ..


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Aug 18, 2016
I listened to SRC-1 last year at Capital Audio Fest. My god! what a sound. Both me and my gf thought it was the best sound of the show (cost no object) along with Joseph Audio Perspective 2 room. I ended up buying the JA Perspective 2 on the spot. I would have gone for SRC-1 if the cost was within my budget. JA Perspective 2 is ~$15k and the SRC-1 is ~$27k.

Val told me that the designed the speaker a while back but couldn't productionize it because appropriate technology wasn't available at that time. Now it is. Anyway, if/when I can manage the funds, I'd definitely revisit SRC-1 with the serious intention of purchasing it. However, my biggest regret was not hearing the SRB-1 (the room was too crowded the next day). Val mentioned that SRB-1 is 90% performance of SRC-1. Also, might be more suitable for smaller spaces like I've. Can't wait to read the reviews. I think Acora speakers are going to be a smashing success.

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