Allnic and All Things Analog - A November Celebration for Eastern Canada!


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Feb 29, 2016
For those who live in the Toronto region or a reasonable driving distance to Freelton, Ontario, Canada, this upcoming weekend is Corby’s Audio new showroom opening!

Some may ask why I’m promoting a competitor. Don Corby is anything but a competitor; he is, in many ways, my mentor, very approachable and an excellent resource for information and equipment. He has assisted me in my audio journey for years and remains my go-to for insight and gear. I consider him a consultant when it comes to analog audio. He does ship internationally.

Corby’s carries more than the entire Allnic line. They feature Allnic, Accuphase, EAR, Clearaudio, Kuzma, Harbeth, Synergistic Research and Acoustic Signature. Don has sourced rare items or referred me to other dealers when appropriate. He is very knowledgeable and prioritizes best solutions over sales.

This opening celebrates a well thought out expansion featuring several audio rooms and system setups and is a stellar opportunity to hear all the quality products Don carries. With COVID-19 and social restrictions, this opening offers more freedom than an audio show. In some ways it is a mini-show,featuring Frank Fazzalari from Coherent Audio presenting his custom 18" horn speaker builds. Rene Evans, owner of Saturn Audio, will be presenting the latest Saturn offerings, including the soon to be released integrated amp, the new phono stage, DAC and power conditioner. Also, this is a great opportunity to hear Allnic’s newly released, introductory priced, L-6500 line-stage preamplifier and the new Allnic T-2000 30th Anniversary integrated amplifier, featuring KT170 power tubes and the industry’s first 61-step constant impedance attenuator.

The dates and times are Saturday, November 6 from 10am to 5pm and Sunday, November 7 from 11am to 3pm. Because of covid protocols, the number of people visiting at one time needs to be limited. So, if you'd like to attend, please email Don at Two-hour time slots will be scheduled,with a bit of overlap. He will coordinate that with you through e-mail or with a phone call. Like any Canadian, Don’s affability is infectious. He is looking forward to meeting some new faces!

USA Residents – for entry to Canada, there still is the requirement of COVID-19 vaccination and COVID testing with result within 72 hours of travel.



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Feb 29, 2016


Mar 27, 2016
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Frank Fazzalari of Coherent Audio
905 518 1240
Those exact speakers are now warming up at my local dealer friend Don Corby- I will hear them in the next week or so. Don is so low key and approachable.

Frank F is an old school carpenter audiophile and manufactures great high efficiency speakers here locally.. Interesting to be sure.
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