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Apr 16, 2018
Athens, Greece

I have a pair of Wilson Yvettes in an L shaped 9 x 9 m room. The speakers are a bit closer to walls than ideal (this being a living room) which means that bass is a bit more pronounced and can sound overpowering sometimes.

Currently running the Yvettes with an Ypsilon Phaethon integrated. I had on home demo a Nagra classic amp connected directly to my DAC with volume control. I was extremely impressed with the micro dynamics and bass control of the NAGRA although I may still prefer the Ypsilon’s tone palette.

With heavy orchestral music I had the impression the Nagra was running out of steam although the amp showed max a few Watts of power being invoked.

Anyone here has experience with Nagra and Yvettes or Sophias/Sashas to share?

i understand the Yvettes are quite inefficient plus go below 3 Ohms so probably not easy to drive...

thanks in advance
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Dec 9, 2018
I’ve always preferred Audio Research with my Wilson speakers, but the Pass class A amps have a good reputation as well so may be worth consideration if you have the opportunity


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Mar 4, 2011
I am very happy with my Luxman M900u on my Sabrinas.


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May 8, 2017
Agoura, CA
I have Yvette’s power with D’Agstino Momentum S-250 stereo amp with VTL 6.5 vii pre, love the sound. This also works well with DAW’s if I choose to move up, but wife didn’t like look of bigger speakers.
good luck

Down Under

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Jun 26, 2014
I think the Ypsilon Phaeton will take some beating overall.
That is a very good integrated amplifier and you may well miss the natural sound typical of their product.

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