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Jan 11, 2011
South Bend IN
Here is a link to Positive Feedback's article about the Pacific Coast Audio Fest

Will be interesting to see how this gets implemented, I'm definitely thinking about going.

“With my nearly thirty years of experience as an exhibitor in music trade shows, and Gary’s decade plus as an audio show promoter and organizer, we can say that the Pacific Audio Fest may well be the first major audio show by exhibitors and music lovers for exhibitors and music lovers!” said Lou Hinkley, Daedalus Audio’s Founder. “We will make this a fun and extremely high-quality event for attendees and vendors, and keep this show on a scale that works for everyone.”

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Oct 12, 2017
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I don't know how you can possibly socially distance in a hotel room full of people. Maybe two at a time in each room? Mandatory masks?

Has anybody noticed that the US still has the largest outbreak on the planet and other than NYC and a couple of low-population states, cases are still rising and show no signs of abating?

The guys with enough money to afford high-end audio are not youngsters. They are in the hardest hit group, especially the couch potatoes.

Hopefully, everyone will be vaccinated by then and not have to worry anymore. If the WHO has the vaccine that works first, we may be the last to get the vaccine.
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