ARC ref10 remove handles


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Jun 24, 2016
Has anyone tried to remove the handles on the front plates of the ref10? I found that there are two screws inside the back of the front panels that holds the handles. Probably they can be removed. I am wondering has anyone tried it? I feel it will look better without those handles. Thanks.



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Mar 28, 2017
Do you have a plan on how to deal with the holes left in the faceplate from removing the bolts?


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Jun 24, 2016
Do you have a plan on how to deal with the holes left in the faceplate from removing the bolts?
Asked the AR service people and here is the reply:

"Summary: Yes, it is possible but the handles are what hold the faceplate to the chassis so if you remove the handle, you'll need new screws, washers and nuts that will hold the faceplate onto the chassis."

I will probably try to unmount the handles and match the bolts from lowes this weekend. Will keep posted.


Jun 7, 2014
Redland, Oregon
You’ll probably need a nice hex head bolt, but matching the finish would be hard to do. Stainless would probably look good. Not sure what kind of clearance you will find inside where you want to put a nut on that bolt. You may need to work from top and bottom to access. If the faceplate holes were counter-sunk a flat head hex would be nice, but again matching the finish would be tough.

Good luck!
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Mar 4, 2014
the Upper Midwest
Perhaps what identifies and ties ARC preamps and linestages together across most of the company's history are silver faceplates and rackmount handles.


From the ARC Musem at the factory.
Are you sure you want to remove those iconic handles?

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