Aries Cerat Legend System - the video

Tim Link

Feb 12, 2019
Nicely made video, and amazing looking room! From the recording I get the impression that there is excellent bass damping with quite a bit of liveliness remaining in the mids and highs. When he's flipping the switches, the clicks have some distinct reverb in the room. I'm sure that's just how the owner wants it to provide a proper sense of spaciousness. The dummy head microphone is a neat idea for this kind of recording, but I'm convinced by David Griesinger that you have to have headphones specifically calibrated with equalization to your head and ears to get the effect to work decently and give a good impression of the spaciousness of the recorded venue. (Or sometimes a person just gets lucky with a particular set of headphones that works perfectly with their ears! ) Otherwise you perceive the "room sound" coming through the recording, which was not necessarily noticeable in a bad way when listening in the room.

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