Audio Alto appoints Alma as US representative


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Jul 8, 2011
San Diego, CA
Audio Alto, a Slovenian high-end audio manufacturer, has appointed Alma Music and Audio, the San Diego-based retailer, as their US representative.

Audio Alto was established in 2008 by Sasha Burian, an engineer who’s now finally able to realize his dream of crafting unique audio products. Sasha’s basic vision is “a commitment and an aspiration to realize the most natural and true sound reproduction in accordance with the surrounding space not forgetting and including the esthetic needs of our soul.”

Sasha definitely makes statements with each one of his products. His amplifiers use no global feedback, and the speakers employ non-mainstream topologies, such as line arrays, and widebanders. And how about the amazing AA EN 1000, the “Energizer”, a very unique “amp helper”, that promises to “energize” the attached master amplifier, allowing tiny 8W SET amps to drive any speaker, without losing the sweetness of the SET amp!

The first product to land on our shores is the AA R101 FR single-driver speaker. We have never been fans of single-driver speakers before, but Sasha’s magic really makes this one special, even for those (like us) that were not particularly attracted to the single-driver approach. Coming soon is Audio Alto’s Reference Anniversary Preamplifier, a tube-based, two-box no compromise statement piece.

Sasha is also busy at work putting the finishing touches on his Reference Anniversary Phono Preamp, as well as a new open baffle speaker, to be unveiled at this year's Warsaw show.

Please contact us if you’re like to audition or review an Audio Alto product!

For more information:
Alex Siufy
Sasha Burian

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