Audio Research DAC8


May 30, 2010
I was just delivered an Audio Research DAC8.

Installing the drivers in a XP machine was fast - just following the instructions. As I had installed Media Monkey software I could immediately play some HRx sampler FLACs of Reference Recording that can be downloaded for free.

After only a couple of hours warm-up the sound is vigorous and detailed, with solid bass and a good soundstage.

The piano sound of the Joel Fan sampler HRx was better than similar CDs from RR that I own. It is still too early to get a definitive idea of sound balance of the DAC8, but is seems promising.

I compared the USB input with the AESBU m my CD8 using two copies of the same CD. The USB seemed better, more solid and detailed. More to follow after 600 hours break in ...

Elliot G.

Industry Expert
Jul 22, 2010
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
How is your experience now?

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