Audiomica Laboratory speaker cables


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Nov 20, 2022
Hi everyone,
I’m an audio engineer (mixing engineer)

I would like to share my experience with Audiomica Laboratory cables.
I’ve spent a week demoing them at my studio.

I use Proac’s studio 100 speakers.

They sent me their top range cables.

Miamen Concequence, Celes Excellence and Genimedes Ultra Reference.

True story, after a 48 hours burn-in, the upgrade from my previous cables was dramastic

Here are my impressions so far:

Miamen is the one that stand out from the 3 of them. Low end is getting tighter and fills my room in a more pleasant way. Sub harmonic content like and sub bass is a delicate subject for me, another win for Miamen Concequence…

Reverb tails, depth perception is really impressive.

What I love the most overall Is the transparency of that cable.

Celes Excellence has a delicate and open brightness, low end is still tight, stereo image is really impressive, that one don’t have to blush compared to the Miamen consequence.

Genimedes Ultra reference, extremely well balanced cable, lot of details, stereo is amazing and 3D is exceptional.

I finally kept the Miamen, not cheap, but, I couldn’t go back!



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