Audiovector R11 Arreté - downgrade to what?


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Apr 8, 2024
Hi out there,

I have a pair of Audiovector R11 Arreté - the most fantastic speaker set I ever had. I love them!!
But they are large (157cm) and have a great impact on the interior design of our living room. Being married, this is constantly an issue of discussion. So, I finally decided to sell them and downgrade.

What would you consider instead, when both nice design and of course high music repetition quality has to be top-league?

Where would you try to sell such speakers, I guess not easy?


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If you want to go smaller, I can recommend Diapason Adamantes V. Of course you will lose deep bass performance but the rest will not be worse. Specs and price is not cheap but worth every penny. one the best bookshelf speaker i know

Sell at internatonal market

P.S the midrange/woofer has no xover which limits party volume somewhat.
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