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I was surfing the alternatives to Audiogon thread and found this interesting item.

I have no idea how a leather covered shelf would sound as it's not one of the materials I have experimented with.

However, other cloth-like materials I've played with were spongy sounding (neoprene swatches, felt mats....etc....).

I did these sound experiments under all of my equipment including sources, the pre-amp feet seemed to be the most advantageous location.

Anyway, this rack is a real looker in my opinion.

I would also imagine there is less glare or reflection off the shelves so if you have it close to your speakers there could be an audible difference.

Bassocontinuo "McRack""McRack"-39688



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Apr 21, 2010
Manila, Philippines
It appears the leather is mainly for aesthetics as the equipment sits on one of the 3 inserts they offer (Aluminum, Carbon Fiber or Glass).


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You are right, looked at it some more.

- Shelf inserts (your choice of aluminum, carbon fiber or black glass)

Based on the sonic signature of those three materials I would go for the aluminum.

The leather bound edges may provide some dampening but yes my best guess is also that it's for the good looks.

Plus leather is less prone to minor scuffs and other damage from bumping into it.

I've seen humidors in leather, much more durable than the fine furniture finishes or carbon fiber in my opinion. You just have to keep them out of the sunlight.

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