Bending Wave at RMAF 2019

Elliot G.

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"The other room that surprised me was the Goebel Divin Noblesse speakers driven by CH-Precision electronics and the Kronos Pro table/Helena arm outfitted with a ZYX 4D cartridge. Now I know that some reviewers had flipped their wigs over the sound of the speakers and electronics at other shows. Me? I was left scratching what hair I have left. Definitely nothing that resembled music to my ears. That changed here with this room and setup and the use of the Kronos table. Huge soundstage, great imaging and little of that thinness and hyperdetailing I've come to associated with CH-Precision. The speakers are big and the system really sounded big. Louis Dejardin (Kronos) and I also had a fun time playing some different albums including Harry Belafonte at Carnegie Hall (Sylvia and Danny Boy) as well as some tracks from the Yello album Touch (this album goes for absurdly high prices; last couple I saw were $200-300). Each album sounded outstanding on the system (given show conditions and grading on a different curve) especially when it came to finesse. "

From Myles Astor's site at:
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Elliot G.

Industry Expert
Raphael Pasche CH Precision, Louis Desjardins Kronos Audio, Elliot Goldman Bending Wave USA, Chris Cotter bending Wave USA, Olive Gobel Gobel High End-
The dream team assembled for the last time this year !
Thank you again to all the visitors and for all the kind words.
Rock On RMAF see you in 20 at Axpona with some surprises.

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