Best Low Power Class T or D Power Amps


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Jan 14, 2017
My custom built speakers are at least 93db and between 7 and 8 ohms. They only play down to 70Hz, below which my powered subs take over.

I'm sure that some here are aware of the continued reverence the original TA2020 "Class T" amplifier holds among DIYers and those with high efficiency speakers.

TA2020 amplifiers had the extraordinary advantage of low distortion, low noise, superb sound quality and low cost. Indeed, the TA2020's sound quality was so good that audiophiles would often prefer a well built Tripathi amp over their $$$$ 300B SET tube amps.

Apparently, however, Dr. Tripathi was as poor at business management as he was brilliant at design engineering, and his electronics company fell on fatally hard times. TA2020 chip production ceased, its patent was sold and now these chips are virtually impossible to find. Instead the market has since been tainted with fake Tripathi chips. And even worse, the brand who acquired the TA2020 patent had since ended production for obvious marketing reasons.

However, it's long been the hope of the DIY audio community that, if not Dr. Tripathi, then another designer would create the next gen TA2020 chip-identical in every way to the original BUT only different enough to then be patentable. Or might it already exist?

A 20 watt or more/channel TA2020 clone power amplifier, with or without balanced inputs/outputs but with ALL of the original TA2020's incomparable features, could rival even the best Class D power amps-especially in cost-and thereby become an extremely marketable piece of audio hardware.

But until this new Tripathi amp happens please recommend the top 10 best LOW power Class D amps.
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