Best New TVs of 2019?


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Apr 20, 2014
Melbourne, Australia
If I were buying a tv for a large living/dining room today, personally I'd go for the latest Loewe Bild 7. Loewe tv's have come down a lot of in price in my neck of the woods, so they're now more competitive with high end Sony and LG's.
Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
What largest size they come to? Are they OLED?

I have no clue what Australia has to offer for best TV in 2019, I just learned it from you.

In the UK they have this:

In the USA they have that:

I didn't check for the lowest of lowest Amazon perhaps, and on next Black Friday those should be even lower. OLED TVs are still relatively expensive, in particular in the 77" Class. But they came down enormously below that Class, like in the 65" and 55" Class.

QLED 75" Class are even less expensive, below $2,000 USD...some Samsung models.

But overall OLED TVs are still the best.
Those 5 above from the Forbes link I just posted, they are truly the best. IMO and in the opinion of several video experts. And only the LG C9 OLED comes in the 77" Class.
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its interesting. He always says the Sonys do pretty much everything better than the LG but he always rates the LGs best in class. lol
Sometimes I am wondering if Vincent doesn't get a "cut" from LG electronics.
I always perceived him as an honest and unbiased and fair and ethical professional video calibrator TV and Projector reviewer. It's a tough world if you want to survive unscathed and intact without a scratch.

But in the overall state of the affairs both Sony and LG and Panasonic OLED TVs are among the very best. Panasonic OLED TVs by the way are not available in the United States of America.
So for the USA it's between Sony and LG, with OLED.
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Nov 1, 2018
I ended up with a AF8. Looked at the AF9. I cannot do the kick stand. Are the new A9G' available? are they that much better? if so, I possibly could upgrade what I have as I am still in the review period.

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