Beware of Counterfeit ZenWave Cables!


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Nov 16, 2014
Wow! Well, I've been copied...

These pics were shared from Germany, the cables were purchased from ebay with the seller's address in Germany. The cables look like a poor copy so I'd guess this is a small scale enterprise, probably one guy copying a bunch of different cables and selling them on ebay. I was told the seller has multiple brands of cables for sale, they are probably all fake.

Some easy ways to tell they are fake: The plugs are not the same ones I use, the label isn't signed "Dave" above the ZenWave Audio, the model of the cable isn't on the label, the handwriting is a poor copy, my cables have a layer of pure cotton (or silver shielding material) under the techflex.

If anyone is not certain feel free to check with me, you can send pics to dave at

Here's some pics of the fake cables:

Plugs are not the same, in some early cables I used gold plated plugs but they were FP-101 or FP-126 Furutech models. I also use Caig progold or Furutech nano-liquid to protect the termination, not the black stuff in the photo:

No model number on the back of the label, no "Dave" signed either:

Writing is a poor copy:

The entire cable looks like a machine made cable with the outer jacket removed near the ends, my cables are handbuild with pure cotton filler so are soft and light compared to a machine made cable and the cable tapers near the ends instead of a sharp reduction in diameter:



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Nov 16, 2014
Someone bought the cable and became suspicious because it's a bad fake and they sent me pics.

I never would have thought I'd be copied, my cables are hand made and signed, not an easy item to fake. I wouldn't have thought it was worth it vs the dozens of brands that charge much more than I do. OTOH, I have been told my cables sell quickly and for good prices used.

Steve Williams

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The buyer is reporting it in order to get his money back as well as reporting it to the local law enforcement agency.

problem is it probably requires InterPol


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May 6, 2010
Boston, MA
Ouch, sorry, thanks for alerting everyone!
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Al M.

Sep 10, 2013
Greater Boston
Great that you found that out, Dave!

Well, I am more than happy with my real ZenWave cables -- all the analog signal cables in my system!

(Three pairs of D4 interconnects, SMSG speaker cables and speaker jumpers.)
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Dec 21, 2013
Sanibel Florida
Dave and his cables are big shots in my book. I did a comparo of several power cables on my DAC and Clock recently. Dave’s PSR-14 silver ribbon PC was the CLEAR winner, no contest against the Audioquest Dragon which is 3 times the price. Bought two PSR-14s and couldn’t be happier. This PC is a giant killer!!

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