Blu-Ray Drives: Quietest 5.25" Tray Models When Playing BD Movies


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Jan 14, 2017
For my new "mid ("mini") tower pc build, I want to use a 5.25" BD drive to play BD movies via

Currently, I have free access to Panasonic SW-5584-C and Plextor PX-891SAF BD drives.

Of course, with the tower several feet from my ears and with my surround sound system going I wouldn't expect much if any drive noise to be noticeable. However, have you used one or more specific models or brands of BD drives, which were found to consistently produce low mechanical or vibration noise when playing 1080p BD movies?

Conversely, which model drives have you found to generate very noticeable noise during BD movie playback?

Also do most BD drives get very warm when playing full length BD movies?

And/or have you noticed if your tower's case fans run any faster/noisier during BD movie playback?

Lastly, do you find that playing (never or rarely burning) BD movies more often on BD drives than playing them on your standalone BD player tends to shorten BD drive life?

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