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Aug 11, 2012
Here is a review of the CAT JL5 by a dutch reviewer.
He liked my speakers but due to these being big / transport issues it never became a proper review.
I could see myself buy a second hand JL5 / black path and keep my JL2 sign but put 6550 s in them instead of the KT120 i have now

I know someone who has a CAT JL5 Black Path to sell in Europe ... just for your information.
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Jan 23, 2011
Amsterdam holland
I can make a trade in at a dealer for a JL 5 .
But i m just not sure if i wanna swap my 85 kg (big power supply ) beast for a 4O kg amp
What would i gain ??

Ps i have heard its quiter due to the amorphous core design


Jan 23, 2011
Amsterdam holland
Having owned the JL 5 black path now for about 9 months i can say its definitively better .

Most distinguishable characteristic is that this power amp is dead quit compared to the JL 2 sign.
No transformer hum nothing just music .
It has see through transparency and off course CAT humanness / realness and dynamics .
The old JL 2 is more like a old 6 liter V8 while the JL5 is a refined hybrid with the same horsepower.

I have listened to a lot of amplification over the past year and a half and to be honest i miss nothing .
Together with the latest version of the CAT legend SL1 i purchased it plays on top of the game imo .
For a lot less money , sometimes i think about changing but would it be better ???
I doubt it.

Different yes , but i would also lose something if the CAT was gone

Ps plus this JL 5 has only 8 KT 120 s so cheap to replace if ever needed
Never had a problem with the JL 2 sign in the 8 years i owned it .
CAT gear is great gear


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