CD Transport vs Music Server


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Sep 4, 2017
Unfortunately I don't think you can use it as a SACD transport with another DAC, at least not one I know of. There's no standardized scheme and it technically violates licensing agreements to pass it unencrypted over I2S (you are supposed to use HDMI protocol), so PS Audio is cheating a bit with their proprietary solution. That said, I don't think it's a huge loss. Weirdly, I found the PS Audio to be less compelling on SACD vs. CD feeding my DirectStream DAC. While CDs on the transport sounded consistently better than their rips played via Roon/Bridge, I wasn't so sure about SACDs. My DSD rips sounded just as good via Roon, and on some discs I actually found the transport to sound a bit thinner and less involving than the rip. This was with limited experimentation of HDMI cables though.
I too was under the same impression (that an SACD transport needed a DAC from same brand to meet SACD playback licensing requirements) until I read about the PST, where it appeared they had found a way around this. However, as noted, unless their SACD playback is compelling relative to CD, what's the point? In re-visiting their website, it appears they have tightened up their language a bit (and cut the price by 38% for an August promotion on this relatively new product).
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Aug 23, 2021
“And yes, it does sound excellent - I preferred it by a small margin to the PS Audio, though it was subtle. Something about ProJect just let me have more of those "magical" experiences where the music just sounded more immediate and "right." Anyway, here's hoping the thing lasts! “

My listening experience with 10 months of blissful ownership. Excellent sound quality with the wall wart power supply. Yet further improvement with a good quality LPS (Assuming appropriate DC cable usage).

Downside is that some have recently reported nagging QC issues with certain RS2T units. Pro-Ject needs to address and correct. I’ve had no problems with mine with extended and heavy use.

I know of other owners who report zero problems with their respective units. Nonetheless, some others have reported problems and this can’t be ignored. One common point of agreement from many who’ve heard it, marvelous sound quality.

My summation, very high resolution combined with a superbly natural presentation. Music just flows via this transport in my audio system.

I don’t know of any audio component/product that pleases everyone. Based on my ownership experience, the RS2T is an exceptionally good sounding CD transport. Taww, I’m glad you gave it a listen and judged for yourself.

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