Common Wave (Los Angeles) presents Graham Audio's LS5/9f (new) and a sneak peek at the upcoming LS3P.


Common Wave is delighted to announce a fun day with Graham Audio, where most models will be on active display.

The new LS5/9f (retail $8k) punches well outside its class. While retaining the midrange magic of the LS5/9
Here is what Art Dudley wrote in Stereophile after listening to the LS5/9f at the Montreal Show:
...the Grahams were remarkable for both their bass extension and the clarity of the information within that range—I could hear, literally for the first time, the interplay between the double bass and the kick drum in Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side"—and on a large-ensemble version of Duke Ellington's "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)," the soundstage was remarkably deep. Among the best-sounding systems at the show. Link to complete coverage - here.

Sensitivity is 87dB / 2.83V/ m; nominal impedance is 8 ohms;
Recommended amplifier power is 50–200 watts; maximum output exceeds 100dB for a pair at 2m;
Frequency Response is 45Hz-18kHz ±3dB.
Drivers are a 34mm soft dome tweeter from Audax and a long-throw 200mm Diaphnatone Polypropylene bass/midrange custom-made for Graham Audio by Volt.

The upcoming LS3P is another Graham Audio derivative of the famous LS3/5A. Based on the passive LS3 (retail $1,890), which has the same cabinet volume as a LS3/5A though the drivers are mounted on a different cabinet wall. The LS3 sports a 5" woofer in lieu of the 4 1/2" woofer found in the original LS3/5A. The LS3 uses a thinwall MDF cabinet instead of the birch plywood cabinet & a simpler crossover than what can be found in the original LS3/5A.

The LS3P gains a 50WPC Class AB amplifier & linear power supply in each cabinet. There is an individual volume knob on the rear of each cabinet. A switch allows one to diminish the LED on the front panel, or turn it off completely. A/C inlet & a RCA input socket. Projected retail $2,500 @ pair. Used with a Blue Sound Node 2i completes a compact, full stereo system.

The current flagship from Graham Audio's BBC licensed designs, the LS5/8 will also be on display, along with the LS3/5A. LS6 and LS5/9. Should be fun. PLease RSVP as attendance is limited. Thanks

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